Fanning the flames? Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s daughter Mykelti Padron (née Brown) agreed Kody Brown’s marital struggles with his spouse Meri Brown are “real, but blown up” for reality TV purposes. Mykelti shed some light on her father’s relationship during a Twitch session with her husband, Tony Padron, over the weekend. 

When asked about Kody and Meri’s dynamic on the streaming platform, Tony was the one who hinted the situation is somewhat heightened for ratings, but noted they do seem to be having some issues. “A little bit of both, I would think,” Mykelti added, according to a Monday, July 27, report from The Sun

Sister Wives Star Mykelti Agrees Kody Marital Struggles With Meri Are Real But Blown Up
TLC (2); Courtesy Mykelti Padron/Instagram (inset)

“But I don’t know their personal life. Between any of the siblings, individual siblings, individual parents or whatever, we really don’t know a lot of what goes on. We know what’s between us and someone else,” she explained.  

Meri Brown
Courtesy Meri Brown

Mykelti, 24, also responded to inquiries about the family’s living situation after the drama that unfolded on season 14. “Yes, I know what’s going on with their houses,” she revealed. “If they’re moving. They’re not! But we don’t know the rest of that.”

Meri, 49, and Kody’s relationship was previously strained by her catfish scandal, but the TLC patriarch admitted their “problem” was much bigger than that.

Amid her inspirational and cryptic quotes on social media, fans have pushed the Arizona resident to “move on” from Kody, but she wasn’t so keen on the idea. 

“People ask me all the time why I don’t just leave,” Meri said in the April 5 episode. However, the reality star knew that also meant leaving behind “relationships with the kids and the good relationships [she does] have in the family.” 

kody and meri brown smiling at the camera
Courtesy of Meri Brown/Instagram

Kody, 51, said he and Meri aren’t “interested in a breakup,” either. “It’s about commitment,” the father of 18 said. “Why break something up that is fixable?”

Because of their differences and trust issues, Kody explained they are “trying to heal a very, very deep wound … and it’s a challenge.” 

Meri and Kody did get a divorce in September 2014 so he could legally adopt wife Robyn Brown‘s three children, however, they still remain in a spiritual union to this day. Meri and Kody have been together for nearly three decades, so there is a lot of history between them!

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