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How Much Money Does the Roloff Family Make? The Stars of ‘Little People, Big World’ Are Raking in Millions

Being a reality TV star can pay a pretty penny, just go ahead and ask Little People, Big World‘s the Roloff family

Little People, Big World has been on the airwaves since 2006, but the income generated from the hit reality series just makes up a portion of the Roloffs’ net worths, which span from $700,000 to $6 million. Some members of the family have even moved on from the show and away from Roloff Farms to follow some interesting career paths.  

Currently, the only original family members on LPBW are Matt Roloff, his now ex-wife Amy Roloff and Zach Roloff. Both Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Roloff made announcements that they would no longer be appearing on the show in 2018 and 2016, respectfully. While Molly Roloff, the former couple’s only daughter, has yet to announce her departure, she has not been seen on the show in a number of seasons. 

Reality TV producer Terrence Michael told E! that reality show families earn about 10 percent of each episode’s budget. For example, if it costs $250,000 to film an episode, the family earns $25,000. Once split with the other family members, it’s likely everyone earns a few thousand dollars each.

However, episodes of the TLC show aren’t the only source of income that pays Matt, Amy and Zach’s bills. All three have very successful endeavors outside of the limelight, adding to their revenue. Likewise, it seems Jeremy and Jacob have had no issue making ends meet. While some Roloff family members have chosen quieter careers, such as accounting, other members have moved on to work in the hemp industry, become influencers and New York Times bestselling authors. 

“April 2nd of 2019 was crazy, exhausting, exhilarating, nerve-racking, rewarding, special, overwhelming, and freakin fun!!” Audrey Roloff, Jeremy’s wife, wrote on the two-year anniversary of the release of their book A Love Letter Life. “I was reminded today of how grateful I am for the opportunity to have written a New York Times Best-Selling book with the love of my life, and to be able to meet thousands of you who read it and we’re impacted in some way. What a complete honor.”

The family has certainly changed since they were first introduced to the world. There have been divorces, marriages, big moves and babies — but perhaps the biggest change since 2006 is that cash flow. Cha-ching! 

Scroll through the gallery below to find out how much money all the members of the Roloff family make, plus details on their jobs. 

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