Are the Roloffs rolling in the dough? The Oregon family's TLC show, Little People, Big World is now in its 13th season, so they must be making bank. But how much do the Roloffs make per episode, exactly?

Unfortunately, that information isn't as publicized as it is for other famous reality fams. We can only estimate. But Business Insider got the scoop on reality show salaries, including the paychecks for "A"-tier stars of a cable reality show.

"For those docu-ensembles, especially if they're nobodies, per episode it ranges from low-end, like $1,500 an episode, to $3,000 at the high end," an agent told the site. "And then after three years of success, it can go up to $7,000 to $10,000 an episode. After that, you start moving into the Kardashian level." (Eh, not quite. Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, et al. get a whopping $500,000 per episode, according to reports.)

The Roloffs aren't superstars, perhaps, but now that Little People, Big World has been on the air for more than a decade, they're hardly nobodies. So we imagine Matt and Amy, Zach and Tori, and Jeremy and Audrey are getting $10,000 or more each episode. Over the course of a 12-episode season, that amounts to $120,000. Inquisitr speculates the lesser-seen family members — Molly Roloff, for example — only makes few thousand per season. And Jacob, Matt and Amy's youngest son, quit the show a few years ago and reportedly believes he was "f–ked out of the money from the show."

So if they're not making Kardashian money, how has Matt built up an estimated net worth of $4.5 million? He was an actor and a computer programmer, for one, and now he and his family run a profitable tourist attraction at their Roloff Farms. Meanwhile, Matt sells accessibility products through his company, Direct Access Solutions. And on top of all that, he's a published author and a motivational speaker.

Television is hardly this 56-year-old's only income stream, to say the least! And with many of his family members raking in sizable paychecks, we bet their heirs will want for nothing.

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