Take a Tour of All the Homes the Roloffs of ‘Little People, Big World’ Call Home

The Roloffs still live in the same house they made their debut in 11 years ago on Little People, Big World. But now that their kids, Jeremy, Jacob, Zachary, and Molly, are all adults and have kids of their own, they're all starting to move out and get their own homes. The most active members of the family, Jeremy and Zachary, have been very candid about their humble abodes. Molly, the most private of the siblings, doesn't have any social media accounts, so where she lives is a bit of a mystery (and she probably prefers to keep it that way).

As for Jacob, who famously criticized the show, he's been going through an existential stage and is currently more preoccupied with exploring the world with his girlfriend than settling down in a cute suburban home. However, he does travel around in a cool tricked-out van (which sort of counts, right?). As for Matthew, since his 2016 divorce from Amy, he's been candid about how awkward it is to continue living on the farm with his ex. Fortunately, their estate is so large, Matthew has simply taken residence in one of the many landmarks on their acreage.

However, earlier this year, he set the rumor mill on fire when he posted a photo on Facebook of his "new house." In the post, he shared a story about how he had to replace the roof on the house and then protect the structure with plywood. Matt also didn't answer the hundreds of panicked replies from fans who wondered if he was moving off the farm. We guess we'll just have to wait and see. As for the rest of the family, check out the gallery below to go on a tour of all the Roloffs' homes.

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