Feeding nineteen kids is no easy feat, but luckily for the stars of Counting On, money is no issue. Thanks to TLC, the reality star fam is raking in the dough, so it’s no wonder they can afford to have a private jet and send their son and daughter-in-law to Greece for their honeymoon. But just how much are they bringing in? Warning: It’s depressing AF.

According to reality producer Terence Michael, reality-show families earn about 10 percent of a show’s per-episode budget. In other words, if it costs TLC about $250,000 to $400,000 per episode — and Terence believes it does — that means $25,000 to $40,000 goes directly into Duggars’ pockets for a mere four days of work, which is approximately how long it takes to film an episode. Considering the family has been on TV since their 17 Kids and Counting Days — which first aired in 2008 — that’s a ton of cash. You guys can do the math.

Yet because the show is so popular, some suggest they could be making as much as three times that amount. Fellow TLC stars, the Gosselins, reportedly rake in $75,000 per episode. Must be nice, huh?

Unfortunately, not everyone on reality TV is earning a sizable living. Heavy hitters like Gordan Ramsay and Ryan Seacrest can exceed $10 million for a single season of a show, “but those kinds of paychecks actually go to very few people,” Business Insider reports. “Most people starring on reality shows are making salaries that supplement the ones they make at their actual jobs, from their businesses, or from other opportunities afforded them by being on TV, such as licensing deals, book contracts, appearances, or food and liquor products.” For people who aren’t central to the show’s storylines but are attached to the main stars in some way (i.e. spouses, friends, and other relatives), they may get a few hundred dollars for their time.

Any chance you think the Duggars will adopt a 20th child? Aka me?

Watch the video below to find out why fans are concerned for matriarch Michelle Duggar’s health.