They’re not happy. When Robyn Brown tweeted about her “rock star” son Dayton on March 31, you’d think her Sister Wives fans and followers would be pleased that she praised her kid so publicly. Not so. Instead, the reality TV star faced backlash for her comment, because many thought it seemed like she was putting down Kody Brown’s other kids in the process.

“Our son Dayton was a ROCK STAR when it came to the move,” Robyn, 40, wrote. “He was constantly working and moving stuff from early morning to midnight and had a great attitude. We couldn’t have done it without him. #sisterwives.” Robyn live-tweeted this during an episode that also featured difficult conversations with other Brown family kids who were not happy about the big move to Flagstaff, Arizona. As a result, a lot of people called Robyn out for what seemed like a passive-aggressive way of saying the other kids didn’t have a “great attitude” about the whole ordeal.

“Well he’s getting what he wants, however, Gabe isn’t,” one person replied, referring to one of Kody’s other sons who really struggled with moving and leaving all the hard work he’d put in at his school in Las Vegas behind. Another person commented, “Really, Robyn? That seems a bit like a low blow towards the kids that were struggling with the move. There appears to have been more at stake for some more so than others.”

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One fan even noted that they, “Love this family and the show” but that they were “very irritated” with the season of Sister Wives that depicted the decision to move. “Way to throw the other kids under [the] bus,” they wrote. “Sorry some of them were clearly struggling. And since your son is moving there for school I guess he better help. All the rest were pretty much forced.” Clearly, fans have a lot of strong feelings about this move.

Initially, Kody’s wives — Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown in addition to Robyn — were not super thrilled by the prospect of moving either. They all came around, and the polygamous family now lives in Flagstaff, though not all in the one house that Kody dreamed of. We hope the whole family is happy to be there now that the dust has settled.

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