The stars of Sister Wives got political in the Feb. 25 episode of the TLC show — as Kody and his family made plans to return to their home state of Utah to protest a bill that would keep polygamy a felony. Meri and Janelle were eager to go, but Christine and Robyn had reservations. In particular, Robyn had her young kids to consider.

"It's just a little weird to me to think about," she told Kody and the other wives. "I have a one-year-old and a five-year-old. It's hard to think of doing something… There's a risk for all of us. I have to really consider this, 'cause I have a baby. I mean, we have little kids."

And she got even more emotional in her joint interview with Kody and the other women. "For me, it's like, yeah, I think that the tyranny and the oppression that I grew up with is completely wrong, and I want to stand up and fight for it," she explained. "But at the same time, I've got younger kids. I just have to be careful. The fierce woman inside of me that never wants…"

She broke down in tears at that juncture, but Kody urged her to keep talking. "If I had the ability or I felt like it was responsible for me to go to this march, I would and I would do it with colors flying, and I would march the hell out of that situation," she said.

In the end, Robyn stayed home while the other women went to Utah with Kody. Christine even made Robyn a temporary guardian of her kids in case the worst happened in Utah.

Earlier in the episode, Robyn described a happier time: when the family successfully sued the Utah County Attorney over the state's criminal polygamy law. "It was amazing," she recalled. "I remember calling and texting family members that are in a plural family and saying, 'You're no longer a felon. For now, right now, today, you're no longer a felon. Today you're not a threat."

An appeals court later overturned that victory, though, and Utah's state senate eventually passed the bill the family went to this rally to protest. It's just one defeat after another, but we all know there's no keeping this family down!

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