Sharing behind-the-scenes secrets. Shanti Zohra claims her explosive confrontation with Darcey Silva on the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff Darcey & Stacey was “set up” by producers in an exclusive video interview with In Touch

The models says the video call was intended to capture all of the drama surrounding her cheating scandal with Stacey Silva’s now-husband, Florian Sukaj

Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj Selfies

TLC contacted me very fast when they [saw] the pictures [of me with Florian] out there on social media. The fans [kept] asking what’s going on,” explains Shanti, noting she expected to come face-to-face with Stacey, 46, over the ordeal and ended up chatting with her twin sister,46, instead.

“[Darcey] was yelling, she was calling me the b-word. And I felt so confused and at that moment, because she was like attacking me,” adds the TLC newcomer about the virtual showdown they had over Florian, 26. “I was so confused with the yelling and we stopped the filming every time and they [would] call me back and tell me [Darcey] needs to calm down.”  

“They [also] told me, ‘Oh, it’s a good job. It’s amazing,'” Shanti claims about the reaction from producers. “I just wanted to say the truth. That’s all I wanted to do.”

Although Florian admitted to “just” kissing Shanti following the heated confrontation, Shanti alleges they actually had sex “many times” before he and Stacey got married in April. Shanti says she met the influencer through Stacey via Instagram and claims they were in communication for about a year before he asked for her phone number and they saw each other in person.

As for the pictures, Shanti tells In Touch she does not remember how they first got out. However, she did later share them on her Instagram page only after they leaked to show proof that she was the woman in the photos. 

Shanti Zohra Claims She Had Sexual Intercourse With Stacey Silva Husband Florian Sukaj
Courtesy Stacey Silva/Instagram; Courtesy Shanti Zohra/Instagram

Following her decision to post the images, she alleges Florian called her and “threatened” her for meddling in his relationship. Shanti reveals she tried to contact the Silva twins to clear the air after the incident, but was blocked.   

The brunette beauty claims Florian made her believe that “he was single,” which is why she was OK with the fling at the time. Even though there was some tension between the couple on the show, Stacey recently confirmed she and Florian are still “happily married” in an October interview. 

Amidst her decision to speak out, Shanti shared a new quote on her Instagram Stories about self-love. “Opinions of other people don’t define your worth,” it read. “The only person who is in charge of defining your worth is you.”

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