Coming clean. Darcey and Stacey star Florian Sukaj admitted to cheating on wife Stacey Silva with another woman named Shanti Zohra before they got married in April.

The Albania native finally told Stacey, 45, the truth while he pulled her off to the side during a tense dinner with Stacey’s twin sister, Darcey Silva, Darcey’s boyfriend, Georgi Rusev, and the twins’ friends on the Sunday, October 11 episode of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff.

did florian cheat on stacey he admits

“Alright, just tell me. You know what, I can take it,” Stacey told her husband as he massaged her shoulder. “I just kiss her. Kiss her a little bit,” Florian said. “Was it passionate?” Stacey asked. “Kiss her, I don’t feel any passion. I don’t feel nothing important. I don’t feel any love. I just love you,” Florian insisted. Stacey told Florian she was sure that he slept her with as well.

“Did you?” she asked her husband. “No more, Stace. No. I don’t f—k her,” Florian said. Stacey wiped away tears and Florian told her he only kissed her once. “No more, Stace. I don’t have nothing more,” he added. “I apologize, I’m sorry.”

Earlier in the season, Darcey, 45, exposed Florian’s cheating scandal after she saw photos of her sister’s man with Shanti online. In one shot, Shanti kissed Florian on his cheek. A second photo showed Florian and Shanti driving together in a car, and a third appeared to be taken in bed. Florian was shirtless while the woman wore lacy lingerie.

Darcey decided to confront Shanti on her sister’s behalf via a FaceTime call, after which Shanti sent Darcey a selfie video of her and Florian in bed together in suggestive sexual positions as Shanti moaned.

Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj Selfies

Stacey was still obviously upset about the transgression and told Florian they should be focusing on celebrating their honeymoon and their wedding instead of a cheating scandal. Florian continued to apologize.

“This can’t happen again, Florian. I swear to God, this cannot happen again. I will walk away. I’m not a weak woman. And I’m not a fool,” Stacey told her husband. After resolving their issue, Florian hugged and kissed Stacey as she started to cry again. “God, please help us,” she prayed.

“I feel bad I hurt my wife. I understand this is, I feel hurt again. I feel more hurt than hurts myself. I never do it again no more like this in my life. I learned a lesson for all my life,” Florian promised in his confessional.

Stacey wiped away her tears and Florian wrapped his arm around her as they returned to their dinner party together. “Alright. Just be cool when we go back. Like it doesn’t phase us anymore, OK? We’re a strong couple,” she advised her hubby as they put on a united front.

When they returned, Stacey told her friends she and Florian were in a good place after their chat and Florian made it clear he and Stacey would not continue to talk about it anymore with them. “We both don’t want to talk about it anymore. We feel like it’s none of anybody’s business. We’ve been dealing with this on our own and we’re ready to put it to rest,” Stacey said in her confessional.

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