There’s a new man in Darcey Silva’s life — and it’s sister Stacey Silva’s fiancé, Florian Sukaj. Darcey & Stacey, the new 90 Day Fiancé spinoff series, will take fans inside the TLC twins’ world, and Darcey’s future brother-in-law is set to play a huge role in the show. But who is Florian? Get to know him below.

Florian is a fitness model.

The star’s Instagram bio describes him as a fitness influencer and model, and he can frequently be found posting about his gym sessions. Even when he’s not actively pumping iron, he’s often showing off his ripped figure in shirtless selfies, mirror shots and professional photo shoots. That’s not all he does. Stacey gushed on 90 Day Fiancé: Live in September 2018 that her man is a “jack of all trades” who also “designs furniture.” However, it was his physique that first caught her attention.

Florian and Stacey met over Instagram.

“We met online,” Stacey said on the show. When he started “liking” her photos, she “liked” his back. Eventually, she decided to DM him — and their relationship is pretty much history from there. Despite that, there were a few obstacles they had to overcome first, like the distance between them and their age gap.

The American is almost 20 years her fiancé’s senior, and the model lived in Albania, half a world away from Stacey’s Connecticut home. “I was definitely concerned about our age difference, but, I don’t know. There was just something about him,” she said in a promo for the new 90 Day spinoff. “Over time, we got closer and closer, and our love grew.”

Florian and Stacey have been engaged for years.

In Touch exclusively confirmed the couple’s engagement in May 2019, but they’ve been together for nearly five years. Florian popped the question only a few months into their relationship. “After about six months of talking to each other, I decided to book a flight and go to Albania,” the blonde beauty explained in the promo. “He proposed fairly quickly, 10 days after we met [face to face]. … He didn’t speak any English, really, but the way he looked at me — I just felt that love and just didn’t really want that moment to end, so I said yes.”

Their relationship may be a little rocky.

Though the couple’s K-1 visa was approved, they’ve already faced some major obstacles. They even sparked split rumors in October 2019 after the future bride removed all of their photos from her Instagram and unfollowed the model. Stacey seemed to hint Florian cheated when she posted a now-deleted selfie with the caption, “I ain’t your mama.” In the hashtags, she wrote that she is “no fool” and insisted she “found out the truth” and “deserves better.” She didn’t name names, but also called a certain someone a “liar” and told them to “go talk to your new girl in Canada.”

It took a little time, but the couple apparently worked through their issues. In December 2019, the Albanian shared a photo of them kissing. “Together for life,” he captioned the shot, calling Stacey his “love” and his “queen.” In January 2020, the Connecticut native also started sharing new photos of her own with her man, even promising fans they would record Cameos as a couple.

Is he ready to be a stepdad?

It’s clear how Florian feels about Stacey, but tying the knot with his fiancée also means taking on a role in her kids’ lives. The mom has two teenage sons, Mateo and Parker. In a sweet October 2019 Instagram post, the parent gushed that her boys are her “world.” Adding a new man into the family dynamic is bound to shake things up, but it seems like this couple may be up to the challenge.

Darcey & Stacey premieres on TLC Sunday, August 16 at 10 p.m.

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