90 Day Fiancé stars Analí Vallejos and Clayton Clark are letting viewers into their love life as they prepare to walk down the aisle. However, they quickly hit a roadblock when Analí saw Clayton’s apartment for the first time — and the wedge between the couple continues to widen. As their romance is playing out onscreen, fans are wondering if Analí and Clayton are still together today.

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Anali and Clayton Meet?

Before making their reality TV debut during season 10 of the TLC show, sparks flew between Analí and Clayton when they met through a language-learning app.

The couple dated for months and met in person a handful of times, though the majority of their relationship has been spent long-distance. They eventually got engaged, and the Peru native applied for a K-1 visa in order to travel to the United States and marry Clayton.

What Does ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Anali Think About Clayton’s Living Situation?

Before Analí traveled abroad to spend time with Clayton amid their engagement, the Kentucky native expressed his concerns over his living situation during the November 5 episode. He explained that he lives in a one-bedroom apartment with two guinea pigs and two chihuahuas. Additionally, his mother, Violet, “lives in a walk-in closet” in his apartment.

Analí officially arrived during the November 12, 2023, episode and was “overwhelmed” when she finally got to see Clayton’s apartment for the first time.

“The first thing I notice in this apartment is that there are things everywhere,” she admitted in a confessional. “There’s no couch to sit on, and there’s no table either. So where do they eat?”

Clayton sensed that Analí wasn’t thrilled with his home, though assured her that the kitchen was “so much cleaner than it used to be.”

“They prefer their dogs sleep well and that the guinea pigs have space to play,” she told the producers. “They’re doing things backwards.”

The surprises continued for Analí when she saw the closet that Violet lives in, which included a mattress that touched all four walls of the closet.

Are 90 Day Fiance's Anali and Clayton Still Together Despite Her Concerns About His Apartment?
Courtesy of Clayton Clark/Instagram

“I didn’t know Clayton’s mom lived in the closet. I pictured a small space but not exactly the closet,” she continued in the confessional. “In a closet you can store clothes, shoes, suitcases, etc., but I didn’t know what to say.”

What Other Issues Have Anali and Clayton Had in Their Relationship?

The couple has struggled with intimacy throughout their relationship, with Clayton even claiming during the show’s December 17, 2023, episode that he was “effectively living as a virgin.”

The tense moment came after the couple traveled to San Diego to visit Clayton’s long-time virtual best friend, Kameron, whom he met playing an online game 13 years ago.

Clayton and Analí went on a double date with Kameron his girlfriend, and the 90 Day Fiancé alum’s confessional garnered an awkward silence from the rest of the table.

Kameron warned Clayton against talking about his and Analí’s sex life further, saying, “I know what those eyes mean, man. Shut up, shut up,” Clayton replied, “What is she gonna do, not have sex with me?”

Later, during a confessional, Analí described the moment as “uncomfortable” and “disrespectful,” adding, “I am really asking myself, is this double date for having a good time, or just to criticize me?”

Analí confronted Clayton about “oversharing” about their private life the next day, claiming he should’ve directly spoken with her.

“The first thing you talked about with your friends, your first conversation was about sex. I know that you’re open and all that, but you know I’m a little more conservative,” she told him while eating breakfast the next morning during the January 7, 2024, episode. “You can talk about it with him, but at least not when I’m there.”

Clayton met up with Kameron later that episode for Peruvian dancing lessons and the season 10 star opened up about his insecurities surrounding his relationship, which included Analí “hiding” their engagement from her father.

“Really, what I truly want to do is be like, ‘Hey, Analí, you need to do it kind of like now-ish or I’m going to do it myself,’” Clayton said in regards to Analí telling her family about their relationship. “But I think that would just not end well, and she would threaten or actually break it off. But then I have to think, if that was a possibility, is that a relationship that I want to be in anyway?”

Kameron hinted that Analí not telling her parents about Clayton was because she also had “uncertainty” about him.

Things had gone way downhill for the couple by the show’s February 4, 2024, episode. The pair found themselves in an argument after Clayton’s sister, Brandi, invited strippers to Analí’s bachelorette party.

“I asked you one thing,” Clayton told Analí. “Please, no strippers. How would you feel if I did the same to you? You would probably cry. Never again in this world will this ever happen again.”

Despite Clayton being the one to initiate the argument, it was Analí who admitted she was having second thoughts about marrying Clayton after the blowout fight.

After tearfully walking away from the confrontation, Analí told producers Clayton was a “very jealous person.”

“He’s always been like this,” she continued. “That’s why it’s so scary to think about our future, living with the constant fights and constant questioning. And it makes me feel so bad that all I want is to go back to my country and never return.”

Though Clayton tried resolving the issue with Analí, even telling her breaking up wasn’t an option, the fight ended with her sleeping in a different room from her fiancé.

“I didn’t spend the last two-and-a-half years building this relationship with Analí, spending all this money getting her here, doing all this wedding stuff, planning, all for her to pack her suitcase, go get her passport and go home,” Clayton complained to the cameras. “That’s just not an option.”

Analí is seemingly considering her decision to marry Clayton right until she walks down the aisle as the preview for the February 18, 2024, episode, teased that she wasn’t at the wedding ceremony, despite the audience being ready.

“I think it’s better to leave and not talk to him anymore,” Analí is seen speaking on the phone while in tears in another scene. In a private confessional, she added, “I’d honestly prefer not to marry him and keep him out of my life.”

Clayton also acknowledged that they experienced ups and downs over the past 90 days, though made it clear he still wanted to go through with the wedding. The episode ended with Analí being 30 minutes late to their wedding, though Clayton stayed at the venue hoping that she would show up.

What Happened Between Clayton and Anali in the Season 10 Tell-All?

During part one of the season 10 tell-all on March 3, 2024, Clayton revealed that he and Anali moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, it seems their living situation hasn’t changed much, as his mother moved with them.

Are ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Anali and Clayton Still Together?

Clayton and Analí are seemingly still together. Clayton shared a photo of him and Analí while on a double date with his best friend Kameron and his girlfriend on December 20, 2023. The pair also follow each other on social media, which is a good sign Clayton and Anali are still going strong.

“Uncomfortable conversations. Relationships strengthened,” Clayton captioned the photo while promising to return. “We’ll be back, San Diego.”

“Thank you, @pisco_sour_502, for sharing your kitchen with us for a Peruvian cooking lesson! The authentic Peruvian food and hospitality were amazing. You guys deserve all the success that your restaurant brings. Thank you for making me a better chef and giving Analí a reminder of Perú,” Clayton captioned the photo alongside Analí. “Fun fact: we both cooked the meals we were eating on camera.”

Fans will have to tune in to 90 Day Fiancé on Sundays on TLC at 8 p.m. ET to see how their relationship unfolds.

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