90 Day Fiancé star Ed “Big Ed” Brown shared his reaction to ex Elizabeth “Liz” Woods’ new boyfriend, Jayson, following their split.

“He’s a hunk,” Ed, 59, said about Liz’s new man during an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, May 15. “Guy’s a pretty good looking guy, I’m very happy I met them. I have met the guy, you know, he’s really nice. I think they’re within one or two years apart [in age].”

After pointing out some of Jayson’s good qualities, Ed admitted that he has concerns about Liz’s new romance.

“I’m happy for her … just my concern is we all have things that we need to work on and deal with and if we don’t they’re gonna rear their ugly head and that’s my fear is that it’s not gonna … it won’t last because Liz will not have dealt with the same things that I have to deal with,” he said.

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Ed noted that Liz, 31, “had a really hard life” and he made the “mistake” of believing he could “fix her.”

“I also realize you can’t,” he said about wanting to change her. “And I tried to shower her with money and tried to make her feel secure, just like, wanted to sort of wrap her in a blanket and let her know that she’s loved and she’s safe but it never … you know, when you do that, when you take somebody out of their routine, they can’t function.”

The longtime reality star added that “you can’t change who she is,” and you instead have to “love who that person is.”

Ed and Liz’s relationship has been featured on the TLC franchise since 2021. The duo first got engaged in November 2021, though split and reconciled several times before he called off their wedding following a fight about taco pasta during the April 21 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.

Three months before their breakup episode aired, Liz hinted she has a new boyfriend on social media in January. Meanwhile, Ed seemingly confirmed he was single when he said he “met someone new” at the 2024 Bigo Awards that same month.

Ed looked back on their split during the interview, telling the outlet that Liz didn’t initially accept that he called off their wedding.

“The morning after Pastagate, I was with my sister and nephew and they’re like, ‘No, we were there and you told Liz that the wedding was off,’ but obviously she didn’t hear me or she didn’t believe me because when I went and saw my friend, the officiant, a couple weeks later in San Diego, he told me he had texted Liz, ‘Hey, I’m really sorry that it didn’t work out,’ and he said that she was inconsolable,” the reality star recalled. “Regardless, I’m not happy with how she found out. I was not at all happy.”

90 Day Fiance's Big Ed Reacts to Ex Liz Woods’ New Boyfriend: ‘He’s a Hunk’

He then stated that his relationship with Liz never would have worked out due to their communication issues. “Liz would get into these tirades and they weren’t pleasant in front of the public, in front of an Uber driver and I hid that from my family. And so for the first time, my family got to see how Liz acts when she’s frustrated and I remember looking over at my sister and she gave me this look like, ‘Don’t do it, you’re making a mistake,’” Ed shared. “And I already knew.”

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