From Ed “Big Ed” Brown and Liz Woods reuniting after a called-off wedding to Jasmine Pineda’s bombshell on Gino Palazzolo, the drama only continued during episode 9 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Emily and Kobe

As Emily and Kobe’s African wedding approaches, the preparations have begun! During episode 9, Emily must prepare a meal for Kobe’s family for a “knock door,” a Cameroonian tradition that is similar to a dowry.

Emily worried her own cooking wouldn’t live up to her husband’s family’s expectations and was surprised by some of the staple ingredients, which included cowskin.

Emily asked Kobe’s sister, who arrived to help her with the meal, if she could make American food, to which Kobe quickly declined.

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In another tradition, Emily’s family learned they must ask for a “brides’ price” from Kobe’s family for her hand in marriage.

“So your family essentially paying us a bride price, it feels like we’re selling our daughter,” Emily’s mom, Lisa, addressed Kobe. “So what would happen then if we don’t want to ask a bride price?”

The Cameroon native said he didn’t see the problem with the request as it was an aspect of his culture that must be respected. “There’s not gonna be any wedding,” he replied.

Rob and Sophie

After making strides in the last few episodes, Rob and Sophie attended couples’ therapy to speak to a professional about their marital issues. Sophie brought up Rob’s past with online cheating and told the therapist about their non-existent sex life, claiming Rob had requested her to “dress up” during intercourse.

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“The types of women that you do look online, they don’t look like me. Like muscular, fitness bodybuilder women,” the U.K. native said during the session, to which Rob replied, “I’m not like this porn addicted, bodybuilder fetish guy. Like what the f–k? That’s not who I am.”

The therapist told the couple that the resentment between them would make it difficult to move forward and the pair agreed to make changes.

Alexei and Loren

Loren was in full-blown mommy makeover mode during episode 8! Alexei sat in the waiting room for six hours for his wife and was anxiously hoping for a positive outcome. During the long wait, Alexei debated if he should’ve “taken a stronger stance on Loren having the surgery” and worried that she would come out “all botched.”

“I’m sitting here, thinking all kind of weird scenarios. What if something goes wrong?” the Israel native told producers in a private confessional. “Everybody’s on edge until we know that surgery is success.”

While the mom of three’s surgery went well, she admitted coming out of the operating room felt like “hit by a truck.” After the surgery, the pair stayed at a nearby hotel as Loren’s mother took care of their three children.

Ashley and Manuel

After a blowup with Ashley, Manuel called his friend Jonathan to discuss the fight. During the conversation, Jonathan requested to speak with Ashley to “hear her side.”

The trio reconvened later that evening, where Ashley told her husband’s friend that she felt Manuel was pushing her away and questioned if Manuel was trying to “free” himself from her. “If you want to be understood, you have to try to understand others,” Manuel told Ashley. “I called you to find a solution, but you made a big problem for nothing.”

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Jonathan recommended the couple apologize to each other to start on a blank slate; however, both parties felt they had “nothing” to say sorry for. The conversation ended with Ashley walking off upset, telling the camera that she felt triggered and did not like the Ecuador native’s energy.

Ed and Liz

After blindsiding her by canceling their wedding, Big Ed and Liz finally came face to face during episode 9. During the awkward interaction, Ed told Liz he had been “looking for an excuse” to call off their nuptials as he felt their marriage would’ve ended in divorce.

Liz called out Ed for not telling her and instead going behind her back, to which the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days alum replied he tried to do things in the “least painful way.”

“I don’t want to give up. I want to be with Ed,” the mom of one tearfully told producers about walking away from the relationship. “I have absolutely no idea what I would next if this is the end. I don’t want to meet anybody else.”

Gino and Jasmine

Gino and Jasmine attended the beauty pageant classes that were recommended by the Panama native’s friend Leandro. While Jasmine was encouraged during the class, the drama ignited during a dinner party on their last night in Miami.

“I haven’t told Gino that I don’t want to have a baby with him,” she said in a private interview. “And it really destroys me. Like, I feel so bad.”

After Jasmine told Gino that she “wasn’t on the same page” as him when it came to possibly getting pregnant, he stormed off and went to bed.

Patrick and Thais

It was a bumpy episode for Patrick and Thaís. The Brazil native was upset with her husband for refusing to ask for her father’s blessing on their marriage. In turn, Patrick wasn’t “going to just do what” her father wanted him to do, adding, “It doesn’t work like that.”

The tension only continued when Patrick’s brother John McManus’ arrived in Brazil, which also happened to land on the mom of one’s birthday.

“I feel so upset that Patrick preferred to stay with John on my birthday than with me,” she said in a joint confessional.

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