90 Day Fiancé alum Lisa Robinson (née Hamme) revealed she has serious doubts about ex Usman “SojaBoy” Umar and Kimberly Menzies’ relationship being real, she exclusively tells In Touch in a video interview. 

The season 5 couple finally made their long-distance relationship official on the Sunday, February 20, episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, after Usman, 32, was hesitant about taking his romance with Kim, 50, to the next level. Lisa, 54, highlights that her own story with Usman happened more naturally. 

Are 90 Day Fiances Usman SojaBoy Umar and Kimberly Menzies Still Together
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“The difference between Kim and I is that I was in a relationship with Usman prior to the show. I met his family via video chat,” Lisa, widely known as “Baby Girl Lisa,” explains. “And the reason that we proceeded is because I was in love with him, and I thought he was [going to] be my forever. Well, that turned out to be a big mistake.” 

Lisa speculates that Usman returned to the reality TV franchise only for his music career and not because he was head-over-heels in love with Kim.  

“As far as Usman coming back on the show with Kimberly, I do believe it’s a fraud,” she tells In Touch. “He’s back on, so TLC would do the video, ‘Zara.’ Has nothing to do with Kim.”

The newly married star says that Usman’s former fling Zara may not be who fans think she is, either. Little has been shared about the American woman, other than her photo and that she was 36 and didn’t like the attention he received from female fans.

“I [don’t know] what they have showed about Zara, but my speculation is Zara is an imaginary person that Usman has created, and that the song ‘Zara’ was written for his friend who is Nigerian, her Muslim name is Fatima,” Lisa claims. “Usman has never been honest a day in his life. We’re [going to] get into some of the things that I know personally. This was done for, ‘Oh, pity me, my wife left me, she’s with another man. I fell in love with Zara. She broke up with me, and now we have Kim.'”

Lisa, who tied the knot with new husband Tracey Robinson in April 2021, theorizes that Kim “agreed to go along” with Usman’s storyline. “When he called her a super fan, I about fell off the couch laughing, but she’s portrayed as a super fan … So, I truly believe that Kim was chosen just to be on the show.” 

Is SojaBoy Kim 90 Day Fiance Storyline Fake Ex Lisa Sounds Off
TLC; Courtesy Lisa Hamma/Instagram

Kim and Usman with an inset of his ex Lisa.

“If she was truly going to be in a relationship with Usman, most American women will [want to] know who the ex is and make sure they’re an ex, especially when Usman is a player, has several women at one time,” Lisa points out to In Touch. “Not once has Kimberly reached out to me. So, that leads me to believe that this is a fraudulent show we’re watching with the two of them.” 

In his own statement to In Touch, SojaBoy denied Lisa’s claims about his storyline with Kimberly being fake, saying he “understands Lisa’s pain” and that it’s “obvious this has harmed her so [badly].”  

“I wish her the best even though I know best is not her option,” he continues. “I’m busy counting my blessings and I’m happy with my queen Kimberllllllly, so I [have] no time to waste. At [the] end, I want to say thanks to our audience, me and my Queen Kimberllllllly and keep on watching.”

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