His inspiration? 90 Day Fiancé star Usman “SojaBoy” Umar dated a beautiful American woman named Zara after his divorce from ex-wife Lisa “Baby Girl Lisa” Robinson (née Hamme) and before his current “potential girlfriend”, Kimberly Menzies. While SojaBoy’s relationship with Zara was short-lived, he wrote his latest song about her — which is a secret he’s been hiding from Kim. Keep scrolling below to find out who is Zara, SojaBoy’s ex-girlfriend.

The “I Love You” singer, 32, made his TLC debut on season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days with his long-distance girlfriend at the time, Baby Girl Lisa. The couple documented Lisa’s trip from her native Pennsylvania to SojaBoy’s Northern Nigeria for their first in-person, and they even got married. Their wedding aired on an episode during the season, but by the time they had returned to film the tell-all, their relationship was on the rocks. In December 2020, SojaBoy exclusively confirmed to In Touch that he and Lisa had broke up and that he had served her with divorce papers.

SojaBoy returned to the franchise on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5 with Kim, but in an episode that aired in December 2021, he revealed that there was another woman who he had been romantically involved with since filming wrapped on season 4.

“I don’t talk to Zara anymore,” SojaBoy admitted to one of his friends while discussing his love life, and he explained their relationship in his confessional.

“Zara is another person I talked to online,” the Sokoto State native said. “She is from America and I wrote the song that I am shooting the music video for, for her. I truly [fell] in love with that lady, but she could not handle my female fans following and commenting on my posts. So we stopped talking.”

He seemed to be very upset when discussing their breakup. “You know, it wasn’t easy for me because I have feelings for her. But I have to move on and I decided to just focus on Kimberly,” SojaBoy said.

However, since he previously wrote “I Love You” for his ex-wife, Lisa, and he wrote “Zara” for Zara, SojaBoy told his friends that Kim should not be expecting the same romantic gesture from him if they do decide to exclusively date.

“With Zara, things didn’t go well so this will be the last time I’m going to sing for any lady, honestly,” SojaBoy said. “Because anything I sing, it will not work out.”

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Usman ‘Sojaboy’ Umar and Kim.

In the lyrics of his song, for which the music video dropped shortly after the January 16 episode, SojaBoy seems to be smitten with Zara, singing, “You got me twisted / Girl your love don kill me / Pakala me see / Zara, my baby / Yeah yeah.”

Even though SojaBoy invited Kim to accompany him to Tanzania to film the music video for “Zara,” she was not aware that the song was about his ex-girlfriend because SojaBoy told her that the song was for “all the Zaras in the world.”

During their trip to Tanzania, SojaBoy and Kim’s relationship blossomed and he even spent the night with her in her hotel suite but they did not consummate their relationship, to Kim’s disappointment. The next day, she gave SojaBoy an ultimatum: either they take their romance to the next level or she would end their friendship and she will date local men when she returns to the states. Since he didn’t want to lose Kim, SojaBoy agreed to her terms and they became physically intimate. The following morning, SojaBoy asked Kim to officially be his girlfriend. Of course, Kim said yes and he gave her the sweet nickname “Queen Kimberly.”

The couple enjoyed a sightseeing trip to a spice farm as they were nearing the final days of their trip, and since they had just become boyfriend and girlfriend, SojaBoy felt it was important for him to come clean to Kim about his relationship with Zara. “I was with her before, and then I [started] talking to you like two weeks, then I start talking to that lady,” he explained. “But if you can remember, when I [started] talking to you, it wasn’t a relationship, it wasn’t any feeling, it was just friendship.”

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Kim immediately got upset and asked SojaBoy why he felt the need to tell her this now that they’re in a relationship. He explained that he just wanted to be honest with her but his plan backfired because Kim was livid that he had kept a secret from her. “You’re telling me now while I’ve been loyal this whole time,” she said. “You’re making me look like a fool, yo.”

In their joint confessional, SojaBoy admitted that he “was hurt” when Zara broke up with him because he “truly loved” her. Kim asked when he and Kim broke up and SojaBoy said they split about four months prior — which was a big blow to Kim because she and SojaBoy had been talking for a year.

“That’s crazy as hell because I thought I was the one that was repairing his heart and his trust,” she said, and SojaBoy interrupted, “You did.”

Kim continued, “But during this time that I was putting this work in, he’s dating a whole ‘nother chick.” She admitted that she felt “stupid” and she explained that if she had known that he was in a “full-blown relationship” and fell in love with Zara “enough to write a song about her,” then she would have never pursued a relationship with SojaBoy if she knew he had a girlfriend. “I was cheated on and I would never do that to anybody else,” Kim said. She also worried that SojaBoy would do the same thing to her and spark up an online romance with another woman.

The couple got into a bigger fight once they got back to their hotel and Kim was ready to walk away from their relationship. SojaBoy tried to convince Kimberly that he didn’t do anything wrong but he ended up leaving and spending the night in a separate room. “I think it’s just better for us to just end it, that’s how I feel,” she said while choking back tears. “It’s sad because I love him, though. I don’t understand that somebody could tell me he loves me and then … I feel like everything was a lie now.”

While Kim and SojaBoy were able to reconcile and she left back to the United States on good terms, it seems SojaBoy still has some lingering feelings for his ex. On the Sunday, April 3 finale, SojaBoy called Zara on video chat and he even sang part of his song, “Zara,” to her as they reminisced about their romance.

While not much else is known about Zara, it seems fans will have to tune in to see if she may make an appearance on the tell-all to share her side of the story!

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