Looking for receipts! Elizabeth Potthast’s father, Chuck Potthast, and brother, Charlie Potthast, dug into her husband Andrei Castravet’s past while visiting the couple in Moldova on the July 26 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? 

Their trip got off to a rocky start when Chuck and Charlie landed in Chisinau only to find out their bags were missing. Unfortunately, it took them nearly an hour to get it “worked out.” Chuck said it was “surreal” to arrive in eastern Europe, and hinted they both didn’t have a good first impression.

“Yeah, not a good start, no bags. It’s cold and dreary. It’s not Tampa,” Charlie said in his confessional. Their plans were to venture over to Andrei’s parents house to spend some time getting to know his loved ones, before heading to an Airbnb.

90 Day Fiance Elizabeth Family

“We definitely want to learn more about him, his family, his past, his culture, how he grew up,” Charlie said about Elizabeth’s husband. “He met my sister online and everything moved really fast. There’s still a lot of question marks about who he is. This is going to be nice to see how he acts in his own environment.”

While in the car, Chuck, Charlie and Andrei began chatting amongst each other. Things quickly started to go south when Elizabeth’s family members asked about Andrei’s previous job in the country, which didn’t sit well with the reality star.

“Sometimes, I feel like the language barrier is a positive thing because Elizabeth’s family’s stupid [remarks are] not going to touch the ears of my family,” he said in his confessional. 

The father of one, 33, kept his response short and simple, telling them he worked as a police officer and detective before leaving for Ireland. Andrei’s comments made Chuck and Charlie suspicious about why he would abandon such a promising gig — especially because he wasn’t working back home in America.

“You know, maybe it’s me being an overprotective dad,” Chuck said in his confessional. “But, what I found a little strange was why he would leave a nice career and move to a foreign country. There’s a lot of red flags there.”

Elizabeth, 29, kept mum for the time being, but she privately questioned why Andrei was being “so evasive” about his past, noting her loved ones should still “ease up.”

At dinner, Chuck was blown away by how hard Andrei’s family worked to make them feel at home. They had a feast prepared for everyone and were very inviting. However, at one point, Charlie chatted with Andrei’s brother, Radu, and sister-in-law, making sure to address the elephant in the room.

90 Day Fiance's Andrei Dinner Scene

Charlie asked Radu if Andrei actually served in the police force because he found that to be surprising. “He was a cop for one year,” Radu replied. Andrei felt like he was being put in the hot seat and said in his confessional that Chuck and Charlie should “leave it alone” because it’s not their “business.”

“He is expecting Libby to work. Is that normal here in Moldova?” Chuck asked Andrei’s family members, and they said that wasn’t the case. Andrei explained someone needed to be home with baby Eleanor while Elizabeth was away at work. Chuck said Andrei’s “pride” was to blame, because he offered Andrei a job. “Sitting on the couch playing video games is a lot easier,” Charlie chimed in.

After, Elizabeth admitted she would love it if her husband got a job. Andrei called her out for “changing her mind” about their home dynamic, so he asked her why they are tying the knot again in Moldova. “I’m totally fine with not being married a second time. How about that?” she said at the table.

It looks like this family feud is far from over!

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