Did he cheat? 90 Day Fiancé couple Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva were a fan-favorite early on in season 7 because they seemed to be very much in love. But their relationship took quite a turn during the season, and Natalie even refused to say if she still loved him — and she gave back her engagement ring. During the tell-all, which aired in February 2020, Mike and Natalie hashed out their issues in front of the rest of their costars, and the Ukraine native made a bombshell accusation when she revealed Mike may have been unfaithful to her.

Host Shaun Robinson asked their season 7 costar Syngin Colchester if he could marry somebody who said they didn’t love him, and he said no. Then Natalie asked him a follow-up question. “I’m sorry, Syngin, could you marry a person who tells you she loves you and after, she betrays you?” she asked. “My point is if you say you love, you don’t make pain, you don’t betray. You go on with this person.”

Finally, Mike explained what happened. “So, I have a best friend. Used to live with her and everything. Watched her daughter grow up. I’ve known her for years and years. She got engaged, she got married. She wanted me to be like, her best man. We’re just really good friends,” Mike said. “I told Natalie I’m going to go to her wedding. It’s really important to her, I just want to go support my friend. Do that.”

He went on to explain that the night before the wedding, Mike was supposed to go over his friend Sarah’s house and Sarah’s husband-to-be was also supposed to be there. “He was with his boys, staying at his house. I went back to [Sarah’s] house with them and slept on the couch but I was supposed to stay at my aunt’s. The next day, I woke up and called Natalie,” Mike said.

But Natalie didn’t believe Mike was telling the truth and she believed he cheated on her with his friend the night before her wedding. “If he tells you some details, you would understand,” she said.

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Mike went on to deny cheating. “This happened a year ago,” he said. “Nothing has ever happened, never ever. Before, ever. We’ve just been really good friends.”

“Yes, enough that she wrote me, ‘He’s not marrying you,’” Natalie interrupted.

Mike explained that Natalie was just upset that he stayed over Sarah’s house and she automatically assumed they had slept together.

“No, I just asked, ‘Where is your husband?’” she said. “Michael, you were with this woman by [yourself,] only you and this woman. Why you lie to me? Why you said her husband was going to be there? Her husband never was there.”

Mike insisted he didn’t lie and that the husband was supposed to be there, but the plans changed. Natalie would not accept his response. “I would never wake up in a house with a man and only me and this man in the house. I would never do this to you. Never. No matter what you say to me, it’s friend or not friend,” she said.

Their costars started to take Natalie’s side in the argument, and Natalie said if they knew more details about the situation they would understand more — but she refused to divulge. “I will not say anything more because … I’m sorry,” she said.

Shaun asked Natalie if she would still be in love with Mike if this situation had not occurred. “Yes, I would love Michael. I would love him to death,” Natalie said. “If he won’t do stuff he did, I would forgive him. But I’m not sure if he — that’s why I put him to religion so much. That’s why I push him, because I don’t understand what to expect from him. And I cannot move to America to [be with] a man who can do stuff like he did and I didn’t even tell you all.”

Somehow, Mike and Natalie were able to move forward in their relationship. When they returned for 90 Day Fiancé season 8 in December 2021, the couple learned Natalie’s K-1 visa had finally been approved. Even though they were still experiencing issues, they decided that Natalie should still travel to America on the K-1 visa in the hopes that they would be able to work on their relationship and get married.

The couple clashed for most of the 90 days leading up to their wedding, but they still made it down the aisle. By the time they filmed the season 8 tell-all in February 2021, their relationship was on the rocks again. This time, Mike’s friend Sarah was invited to join the couple during a segment on the tell-all to tell her side of the story and address Natalie’s previous cheating claim.

Sarah explained that Mike was not the only person who stayed over that night at her house, and that her husband was supposed to join them but he ended up staying at his place with his friends.

When Shaun asked Natalie if she really believed Mike cheated with Sarah, Natalie responded, “Let’s say I had the fear.”

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Natalie explained that the reason why she thought Mike had cheated was because when she spoke to him, he was shirtless on Sarah’s couch and she heard Sarah in the background say that she was going to take a shower. Sarah denied that happened.

Shaun then asked Mike and Sarah if they’ve ever had a sexual relationship. “No, no. We’ve never been romantic,” Sarah said. “No, never ever ever. Never,” Mike said.

Shaun then asked both of them if they had ever had feelings for each other. Mike insisted, “No. Sarah is like a sister to me. We’re just really great friends. That’s it.”

Sarah explained that before the incident, she had never met Natalie or spoken to her. But afterward, when Mike finally did introduce them, Natalie immediately confronted her about that night and allegedly called Sarah a “whore.” Natalie denied Sarah’s claims, but Sarah insisted that it was true and that it led to a big argument between them. Sarah explained that’s why she doesn’t think Mike and Natalie make a good couple.

Shaun asked Sarah if she thought Mike and Natalie’s relationship will last, and she said, “I don’t know.”

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