Calling it quits. Rosemarie “Rose” Vega dumped Ed Brown (a.k.a. Big Ed) after they argued about their different views on having kids during the new episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. She and Ed officially split during the Sunday, May 10 episode.

Their breakup started after the Philippines native expressed how much she wanted to welcome another child in the future, but Ed revealed that’s not in his plans during the previous episode that aired on Sunday, May 3.

“Rose and I are in a good place right now,” Ed said at the beginning of the episode, revealing there was something that was weighing on him so he needed to get it off his chest. “I’m afraid to tell Rose what I should have told her a long time ago … I don’t want more kids,” the TV personality revealed, admitting he feared it would lead to their split.

After taking a dip in the resort pool during his visit to Palawan, he decided to clear the air. “I want to be honest with you and tell you that I’ve raised a daughter. She’s 29 … it was a wonderful experience, but having more kids is not something that I want,” he said, informing Rose he had two scheduled appointments for a vasectomy, but he canceled them before the trip.

This revelation deeply upset Rose as she asked why he didn’t address it the night prior. “I want two kids because that’s my dream. I [told] you before right? I [told] you I want two kids,” she said, admitting it made her very sad to think her 4-year-old son, Prince, wouldn’t get another sibling if they stay together.

Ed said he felt bad, but knew in his heart he doesn’t want to expand his family. “I want to be able to give you the best that I can with what I have. I’m not rich. I work hard … I only have enough love, I only have enough money for you and for Prince,” he confessed.

The next morning, Rose left and stopped answering his phone calls. “I’m really confused,” he said, while seated outside at a hotel restaurant. When she returned to the resort and met up with him, they tried to hash out their differences.

“I should have been more truthful. I apologize. I should’ve said I don’t want more kids, but I wanted to get to know you,” he told Rose. “I wanted [you] to get to know me to make sure we are compatible.”

“I know who [you are]. I think,” she fired back. “First [you] lied to me about [your] height. Right? Then, you want to give me an STD test right? And about mouthwash, why you tell me? You know I [am] sick, I have [an] ulcer.”

“I’m disappointed because you always embarrassed me,” Rose added, before she declared, “I think [you] don’t love me. I’m done.”

“I think you [do] not love my son, I think you [do] not give time and effort to my son. And I feel you [do] not tell me the truth. I feel very very very hurt. Because you [do] not see how you treat me. I always give you a chance right? But you [do] not deserve [it],” she added.

'90 Day Fiance' Star Rose Blasts Ed for 'Lies' and 'Embarrassing' Her: 'He Just Wants to Be Famous'
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“I didn’t realize you were this upset. This is a bit of a shock to me. I’m shocked. I didn’t expect this,” he responded. “I fell in love with you on Facebook and I came here with love in my heart,” he added as he started to cry. “I bought a ring. My plan when we left here was to go back to Manila to ask you to marry me. My intentions were real.”

“Yeah, I know you are real but your behavior’s not good. I’m tired to understand always you. It’s too much. You hurt me. You lie [to] me again and again and again, so I can’t want to continue this relationship. This is the last time [you hurt me] because I’m done. Yeah,” she told him.

In her confessional, Rose opened up more about her decision to break up with Ed. “I want to end this relationship. I don’t want [to] waste my time [with a] person who doesn’t appreciate me. I have given so many chances to Ed. I can’t forgive him anymore but it’s so hard because I think my family [will be] disappointed and my son [will] feel disappointed. But someday, he [will] understand,” she added.

Before walking away, Rose shared one final message with Ed. “Please change your behavior because you [will] see another girl and I think you will give her again what you hurt me [sic],” she said.

“Aright. So you think I’m bad. I’m a bad person. OK,” he said “Yeah,” she said. Ed got up and walked away, visibly upset. Rose got up too and walked back to their room to pack her belongings.

While Rose was packing, a producer asked her how she’s feeling. “I feel hurt and I feel sad because Ed, he [does] not accept his own mistakes. I miss my son because I [left] him for Ed and I feel sad,” Rose said. “I’m going to the airport so I can try to change my flight because I want to go home. I’m done [with] this relationship. When Ed and I met online, I liked Ed because he [gave] me respect. But after I met Ed in person, I realized who is [the] true Ed. I [will] meet my true king in the future.”

Rose took a shuttle bus to the airport while Ed sat by the resort’s pool. “I don’t know. I can’t hear her anymore. It just hurts me too much. I mean, I’m f–king shocked. I waited 28 years to find love again. Maybe she just needs time. I need to let her calm down,” he said.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs on TLC Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

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