Still going strong? Avery Warner and Ash Naeck have documented the peaks and pitfalls of their long-distance romance on the reality spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. The couple made their debut on season 4, having clicked right away, but they also dealt with their fair share of obstacles while growing closer to each other. Avery is a wellness blogger from Seattle, Washington, while her beau is a relationship coach from Australia. After their disputes on the show and recent social media activity, fans are eager to know if they are still together! Keep reading to find out if Ash and Avery are still together.

Avery forgave Ash’s “single” comment

In an episode that aired on April 19, Ash told Avery he considered himself to be “single” even though they were dating. After the episode aired, Avery took to Instagram to answer some questions, which led one person to believe they worked out their differences. “With last night’s mishap and you answering these questions I know for a fact you [are] still together,” one social media user wrote to the TV personality, leading the brunette beauty to spill some tea. “You may be surprised, I could just be someone who can come from a place of love in my responses regardless of if the person is an ex or not,” she wrote.

Avery Responds to Ash Relationship Questions
Courtesy of Avery Warner/Instagram

Avery supported Ash after his “sexist” seminar

During the April 26 episode, Ash filmed himself during one of his dating seminars where he seemed to make some very sexist comments about the difference between a male brain and a female brain. After getting a ton of backlash online, he revealed he would be taking “few weeks off” from Instagram to care for his mental health. “Thank you for the support and the great messages received. The events of the past eight weeks hit me today, I was not in any way prepared for the intensity of what the show both good and bad brought to me,” he wrote.

Despite the criticism he faced, Avery showed support to Ash and said he meant no ill-will with his seminar. “I do feel bad for him, a lot of people are haters, and sometimes it can be a lot to take in,” she exclusively told In Touch. “I think he just needed time while the show airs to keep his head in a positive space.”

Ash later explained he did not mean to make sexist comments during his seminar and chalked it up to nerves.

But the seminar led to a nasty fight

Avery tried to talk to Ash about whether he really believed the sexist comments he made during his seminar, which turned into an argument. It led to a confrontation in their rental.

“You’re a very hard person, you know that? I feel that you’re very heartless. You hurt people very deeply,” he told her. “Why do you hurt me? I feel you’re here, you like hurting me.” Avery responded, “To be honest with you, I’m not gonna deal with this anymore. I’m done mentally.” Eventually, they were able to work through their issues enough to put on a united front when they went to visit Ash’s son, Taj, and Ash’s ex-wife, Sian.

Ash Naeck with Avery Warner and Son Taj
Courtesy Ash Naeck/Instagram

The couple ended their season on good terms

During their last episode on the series, the couple made plans for Ash to visit Avery in America after applying for a travel visa. They had a tearful goodbye at the airport before Avery left Australia to return home and it seemed they were in it for the long haul. Their relationship did not last long once they returned to long-distance.

Are Avery and Ash Still Together?

Unfortunately, they broke up. Ash confirmed their split in May, around the time the episodes of his sexist seminar and the fight that ensued aired on TV. Their breakup happened just a few weeks before they filmed the virtual season 4 tell-all.

90 day fiance ash avery relatoinship update
Courtesy of Ash Naeck/Instagram; Courtesy of Avery Warner/Instagram

Why Did Ash and Avery Split?

During their tell-all segment, Avery explained the couple had decided to start a new diet together. When she learned Ash cheated on the diet, she wanted to take a break to “reevaluate” their relationship because it triggered some of her trust issues. Ash did not agree to the break and instead broke up with her for good.

After filming their segment together, Ash revealed that he had bought an engagement ring and planned to propose to Avery during her visit to Australia. “I started the journey actually having in mind that I was going to ask her for her hand when she was here,” he shared while looking at a diamond ring on camera. “She doesn’t even know that. It was not the outcome I thought it would be. I learned something, but it was not the lesson that I wanted to learn.”

Are Ash and Avery still friends?

Many fans were sad to see the couple split, but at least they are still on good terms. “We have kept a good friendship. She is awesome and funny AF,” Ash said about his relationship with Avery during a Q&A session on his Instagram Story in June.

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