They can’t take the heat. 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days stars Ash Naeck and Stephanie Matto both took social media hiatuses after their respective story lines reached peak drama on the Sunday, April 19 episode.

Stephanie, 29, took to Instagram to share a disclaimer for fans ahead of the fight that would later unfold between her, girlfriend Erika Owens and Erika’s friend and former flame, Adam Hinton-Thomson. “Before tonight’s episode, I want to STRONGLY encourage people to abstain from leaving any hate on Erika or Adam’s social media,” the YouTuber wrote on her Instagram Story, according to a screenshot saved by blogger John Yates. “Adam has a close relationship with Erica which obviously made me feel some way and that is my problem and not his. Leaving someone hate on social media, name-calling, etc. will not make me, you, or Erica feel better or change anything. I intend on watching, learning, and trying to better myself.”

90 day fiance who are stephanie and erika?
Courtesy of Stephanie Matto/Instagram; Erika Owens/Instagram

During the episode, Stephanie and Erika, 24, attended a house party where the Australian beauty introduced Stephanie to all of her friends. The drama unfolded when the Yonkers, New York native confronted Erika’s best friend Adam, who has hooked up with Erika in the past. Stephanie asked Adam if he still had feelings for Erika, which led to a huge fight between Erika and Stephanie.

But it seemed like fans were taking Erika’s side in the fight and Stephanie received a lot of backlash online. Shortly after the episode aired, she deactivated her Instagram account.

Meanwhile, Ash also had a big fight with his girlfriend, Avery Warner, in the same episode. Avery, 32, confronted Ash, 38, about the nature of the conversations he has with his female clients since he is a relationship coach. During their fight, the Australia resident told Avery he considers himself “single” despite being in a relationship with the Seattle native. It seemed like he got so much hate online for that comment that he decided it would be best to step away from social media for a while.

“Everyone, thank you for the support and the great messages received. The events of the past eight weeks hit me today, I was not in any way prepared for the intensity of what the show both good and bad brought to me,” Ash wrote on his Instagram Story. “I am of the mindset to not give up, but that took a turn today and I am taking a few weeks off from social media for my mental health. Love you all.”

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