Avery Warner

Well, that didn’t go well! 90 Day Fiancé star Avery Warner hoped meeting boyfriend Ash Naeck’s ex-wife, Sian, would help address some of her lingering concerns, but it seems like it did just the opposite. On the Sunday, May 10, episode of Before the 90 Days, Avery found out Ash’s wife wasn’t actually OK with their son, Taj, moving to America — and now she feels “very torn” about the whole relationship.

“She doesn’t feel Taj is at a stage that it’s OK for his father to be out of his life for a long period of time, and she’s not OK with Taj being out of her life for a long period of time,” the Washington woman told the camera. “As a mom, that’s exactly how I would be feeling, but now I have to think about [the fact] that I may not have the person I want to spend the rest of my life with for another five years. It’s really tough to wrap my head around, and it does complicate things moving forward.”

90 Day Fiance's Sian

Before chatting with Sian, Avery, 32, was under the impression Ash, 38, wouldn’t have an issue with moving to the States with his 10-year-old son. And, unfortunately, she feels her boyfriend’s deception is becoming part of a pattern of behavior. “Hearing her true feelings, it’s disappointing to know Ash is still trying to sugarcoat things instead of telling me [the] honest truth,” she admitted.

Another topic the brunette beauty felt she was misled about was how long her boyfriend and his ex have actually been divorced. She thought they ended their marriage a decade earlier, but it turns out that was only when they separated. The former married couple were still legally married up until just a few months before Ash and Avery started talking.

It seems like making this relationship work is going to be a lot more complicated than the Seattle resident thought — and she and her man have a lot of hurdles ahead of them. In addition to addressing their plan to live together in America with Taj, they’ll also have to work on communicating without anyone losing their temper. “[Ash] was extremely worked up and childish when he walked in,” Avery told cameras in one scene. “I don’t want that at all in a partner.”

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