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Watch: Miley Cyrus and
Britney Spears Giggle
Over the VMAs in the
‘Miley the Movement’


The fact that you’re reading this right now means Miley’s plan is working!

While some people may think that Miley’s moves and provocative behavior are sure signs of a train wreck, in the trailer for her upcoming MTV documentary, Miley the Movement, Miley reveals otherwise!

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“You’re always going to make people talk,” Miley said to the camera. “You might as well make them talk for like two weeks rather than two seconds.”

Considering it’s been almost five weeks since her infamous twerk routine, it looks like she’s doing something right.

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The trailer also features Miley chatting with Britney Spears about the VMAs.

“Everyone takes the VMAs so serious,” Miley told Brit. “I just wanna come out and shoot a hot dog gun. I just wanna have fun.”

Brit can’t help but crack up at Miley’s ridiculous statement.

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The two pop stars teamed up for a song, called SMS (Bangerz) on Miley’s upcoming album, which drops Oct. 8.

Britney, who knows what it means to have fun and get people talking at the VMAs, offered supportive words about Miley’s VMA performance.

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“I think anytime you do a performance that is that memorable you’re going to have criticism,” the 31-year-old mom of two explained on Good Morning America. “She’s just doing her thing, so I give props.”

In other words—she’s just being Miley!

Miley the Movement premieres on Oct. 2 at 10 PM on MTV. Watch the trailer now: