Miley cyrus pantless new pic

Miley Cyrus Goes
Pantless In New Pic!


Talk about a fashion risk!

With celebs beginning to get into the Halloween spirit, it’s no surprise Miley Cyrus is getting in on the action, too... but where are her pants?  

The newly engaged star recently tweeted a bottomless pic of herself standing outside next to a large ghost decoration. The photo's caption said nothing but “Boo!”

Miley and a friend posed beside the strung-up ghoul, where the “Party in the USA” singer is seen wearing nothing but an oversized sweatshirt.

Like the debut of her new super-short haircut, Miley has always been one to shock her fans— but this isn’t the first time the star went outside without pants!

Miley showed up to the Billboard Music Awards in May wearing nothing but a Jean Paul Gaultier jacket and sexy sky-high pumps, leaving fans wondering what the heck happened to her trousers!

It’s only a matter of time before Miley goes pantless again, and we’re hoping she keeps her lady parts in check!