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Girl Fight: Miley Goes
After Singer Skyler
Grey on Twitter!

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It’s her mouth she can say what she wants to; it’s her mouth, can Miley Cyrus stick her tongue out if she wants to?

According to singer Skyler Grey—the answer is no.

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The night of Miley’s now-infamous VMA performance, Skyler tweeted, “Keep ur tongue in your mouth @MileyCyrus and put some clothes on…. #VMA” [sic].

And now the 20-year-old twerker is firing back!

Miley tweeted, “says the one deep throating their moon man” along with a provocative picture of the singer with a VMA Moon Man statue in her mouth.

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Of course, Miley didn’t take either piece of advice; not only has she defended the use of her tongue (which her director called “misunderstood”), but she also stripped down again!

Miley debuted the artwork for her next single—‘Wrecking Ball’—which features the former Disney star atop a real wrecking ball in only a tank top and her underwear!

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Interestingly enough, after Miley posted the picture, she followed with a surprisingly non-confrontational tweet.

“I hate Twitter rants,” she wrote. “That’s what Facebook is for. There’s a reason for the 140 character limit.”