American idol finalists

'American Idol'
Finalists Make
Predictions About
Surprise Twist


And then there were four— or were there?

Now that American Idol is down to just four finalists, it seems the remaining hopefuls will have to deal with some unexpected twists and turns.

At the end of last night’s performance show, host Ryan Seacreast promised that Thursday night’s show would come with a surprise. “I hope you like your @AmericanIdol with a twist ;)” he tweeted after the show.

Three of the gorgeous gals opened up to In Touch about what they think might happen on tonight’s show— and they all have the same idea!

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“No one is going home. Right?” guessed Kree Harrison. “Or everyone is going home.”

And fellow contestant, Candice Glover, echoed Kree’s predictions.

“I don't know, I’m thinking of all things positive and the twist will be nobody goes home,” she says. “I think it will be like, ‘Surprise! You're all safe.’"

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Texas native Amber Holcomb agrees, but she doesn’t think they’ll be sharing the twist alone.

“Ah! I think somebody’s coming back,” she said after last night’s show. “There's going to be four girls two weeks in a row. Because they love us all! We're not going home," she continued. "Yeah, I don't think anybody's going home. So that's really good — that might be it!"

To find out what the big surprise is, tune in to American Idol tonight at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

What do you think will happen on tonight's show? Sound off in comments below!