Although she still hasn’t confirmed the arrival of her twins, Kailyn Lowry has reportedly given birth to three babies in just over a year’s time. Now, the Teen Mom alum has revealed she’s considering going on the drug Ozempic to shed her baby weight.

“I’m scared. I’m ready for 2024 ’cause I need to get Ozempic shots or something,” Kailyn, 31, shared during the Tuesday, January 2 episode of her “Baby Mamas No Drama” podcast with cohost Vee Rivera. The topic came up after a fan sparked the topic of how it’s harder to lose weight with age.

When Vee, 32, asked Kailyn if she planned to ​ have another “mommy makeover” like she did in 2016 by undergoing plastic surgery, the former MTV was all for it but had some regrets about her last one.

“Yeah, it was the best decision I ever made. The worst decision I ever made was not waiting until I was done having kids,” Kailyn answered. At the time, she underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift and a tummy tuck after giving birth to her second son, Lincoln Marroquin, several years earlier in November 2013. Kailyn ended up welcoming her third child, son Lux, in August 2017, the year after her procedures.

“I was in the gym five days a week. If you’re going to get plastic surgery you have to maintain it,” Kail added.

Since then, the former MTV star has gone on to welcome son Creed in July 2020, whom like Lux she shares with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez. Kailyn became a mom of five in November 2022 when she gave birth to son Rio, whom she shares with boyfriend Elijah Scott.

After months of speculation, the Pothead Haircare founder finally confirmed she and Elijah were expecting twins during the ​October 27, 2023 episode of her “Barely Famous,” podcast. Kailyn reportedly gave birth to the babies in early November ​2023, although she has not confirmed it and as of December 2023 was still posting photos of how her pregnant belly looked while carrying twins.

Right now, plastic surgery is out of the question. “I’d have to lose weight before they would even consider me for it,” Kailyn revealed during the podcast about how a mommy makeover isn’t happening anytime soon.

“Before my mommy makeover, I had to go get a bunch of tests and then a doctor had to approve that I was like, in healthy condition in order to get [it] — because it’s going to be like, a lot of blood loss, a lot of stitches and healing,” the entrepreneur explained

“I almost needed a blood transfusion during my surgery and then second, I’ve been anemic ever since. Like, I’ve never not been anemic since 2016,” she said about her prior operation.

Kailyn is still committed to getting a breast reduction, as she’s talked about getting the procedure done ever since 2022. ​”I’m getting a reduction no matter what. At some point, I will have small t—ies,” she vowed.

The former reality star claimed during her November 3, 2023, “Barely Famous” podcast that she’s done having children.

“No more pregnancy, no more pregnancies, no more surprise pregnancies, unplanned pregnancies, pregnancy, surrogacy, none of it,” she said, noting, “The chapter of motherhood will be closing as far of baby-making, but I’m excited for my kids.”

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