The season 4 finale of Welcome to Plathville saw Kim Plath and Olivia Plath exchange words for the first time in years. However, the drama has only begun for the large brood and a release date for season 5 has officially been announced!

Not only have Kim and husband Barry Plath remained separated, but the mom of 10 also has a new boyfriend in her life, making fans eager to learn more about the upcoming season. 

What Happens in the ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Season 5 Trailer?

The season 5 trailer starts out with Moriah Plath in an emotional sit-down conversation with her parents and brother Micah Plath, as they discuss Ethan’s wife, Olivia.

“She was using a made-up story to validate her big emotions,” Moriah explained. In a private confessional, the singer told producers that Olivia said that Kim “had used Ethan’s credit card and was stealing from him.” 

The clip then cut to Olivia and Ethan in an emotional embrace. Olivia revealed that upon returning from a trip to Europe, she discovered that no one in Ethan’s family was “willing to talk” to her. Ethan also revealed that Moriah “blocked” him and he was unable to contact her. 

“The family is falling apart,” Ethan told producers privately. “And it’s a big old mess.”

Micah, still reeling from his parent’s June 2022 split, admitted he’s “still bitter about the whole divorce.” “I always thought you and dad were, like, perfect together,” he told Kim, adding that he doesn’t want to “keep walking around eggshells around every single person” in the midst of all the family drama. As for his relationship for his father, Micah and Barry seemingly bonded over the gym, flexing in the trailer together. 

“Working out, that’s my new hobby,” Barry said. “The blood flows in and everything gets bigger.”

As for Kim, the matriarch is dating again after ending her marriage of 24 years. While a friend teased that she was “keeping secrets,” the scene cut to the matriarch on a night out, where she is seen holding her date’s hand. 

“Would you call me your girlfriend?” Kim asked her date. “Oh. definitely,” he responded.

Later, Ethan is seen entering an empty home. “I get back, she’s gone,” he explained, seemingly hinting at his wife. “I’m just so tired of the nonsense.” 

The trailer ends with Moriah in a dramatic conversation with her father after revealing her new tattoo that reads “Rebel.” “This is gonna come as a shock, but … ” she started. “Just don’t forget that I love you. I don’t know when we’ll speak next.”

Welcome to Plathville Season 5 Release Date Trailer Cast

The video then cuts to Moriah talking to Ethan on the phone, clearly agitated. He questioned “what the hell” his sister is talking about.

In another trailer released on August 22, the family explained that they’re “falling apart.” While Barry addressed the end of his marriage to Kim, Moriah said, “If somebody’s gonna make me choose, I’m gonna choose the person that’s not making me choose.”

The clip concluded with Olivia stating that she’s has “family that doesn’t accept [her] now.”

It’s clear the drama between the siblings is set to ignite as after Ethan and Olivia returned from a Europe trip, he comes home to a note on the counter written by Moriah.

“Pretty much said there was a lot going on and she is finally moving out and gonna be on her own for the first time,” Ethan told producers in a teaser clip. “And she was just hoping that we could talk at some point.”

When Is The ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Season 5 Release Date?

Welcome to Plathville season 5 premieres on Tuesday, September 5 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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