She’s spilling the tea. Welcome to Plathville star Olivia Plath shot back at an Instagram follower who called her mother-in-law, Kim Plath, “sweet” in the comments of one of her posts. Olivia, 21, wrote on December 13 about how she was taking a break from social media following backlash after the show aired. The TLC series put her strained relationship with Kim on display, and someone commented on the post, “Your mother-in-law said aside from your differences you were an amazing person. That’s not slandering you. She was being very sweet in saying that ❤️ take notice of the good things she says ♥️.”

That prompted Olivia to respond, “What is said off the screen and away from the cameras will always mean more to me then what is said for the cameras.”

Olivia Plath Shades Mother-in-Law on Instagram
Courtesy Olivia Plath/Instagram

In the initial post, the Welcome to Plathville star said she was stepping away from social media because she “received so much hate on all of my platforms since our show aired, and while I know that is just part of being in this industry, I don’t need to be seeing that negativity and toxicity every day … If this past year for you didn’t include getting married and moving 800 miles away, leaving your family behind, processing your childhood and rediscovering yourself, having your in-laws speak ill of you on national tv, and dealing with narcissistic behavior, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse every day, then you can’t understand my story and don’t have a reason to tell me why I’m doing everything wrong.”

“I made many mistakes during the filming of the show (the first one being allowing myself to be manipulated into doing it), and I’m not afraid to own up to that,” Olivia continued. “But until you’ve dealt with narcissist behavior, you have no idea how easy it is to freak out and react in an effort to protect yourself and those you love.”

The photographer also told a fan in the comments that the only reason she and her husband, Ethan Plath, did the show in the first place was to see his brothers and sisters, who were allegedly not able to be around their big brother and sister-in-law otherwise. “When TLC didn’t want it unless Ethan and I were on it, his parents told me if we filmed with them Ethan could see his siblings again. So we said yes,” she revealed.

And Olivia isn’t the only one speaking out against Kim’s behavior online. Over on his own Instagram, Ethan, 21, shared a photo of himself with his wife, and someone commented, “Ethan and his adult siblings appear to be doing very well so apparently his parents are doing something right. Kim actually appears to be quite reasonable — she allowed the 16-year-old to travel across the country to San Francisco, is open to her going to college, etc. She clearly said as adults she has no control over their decisions. In reality, how they raise their children is none of Olivia’s business.”

ethan and olivia plath selfie
Courtesy of Ethan Plath/Instagram

Olivia’s husband replied to that, “The one and only reason why my parents let my sister Moriah go to San Francisco with my wife Olivia was because of the show. If it had not been for the show my parents never would have let her go. If you don’t believe me, go back and watch where Moriah asked for permission. Their faces say it all … but they didn’t want to look bad on TV.”

It sounds like there’s a lot of bad blood between the couple and the Plathville mom. Perhaps if the show is renewed for a second season, fans will see the drama play out further on the series.

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