Back at it again with the drama for TLC. It looks like the Sister Wives stars are filming for the show once more, according to some snaps in Mariah Brown’s Instagram Story. Mariah, 23, posted one photo with a cameraman and wrote, “We love our camera people,” Radar Online reported.

Meanwhile, Mariah’s moms — her biological mother, Meri Brown, and Meri’s sister wives Janelle, Christine and Robyn — were spotted filming in Chicago in May, the Chicago Tribune reported. They were almost definitely there to film scenes with Mariah and her fiancée, Audrey Kriss. So, does this mean the wives are all getting along now following reports of tension between them?

kody brown sister wives

Kody Brown doesn’t seem to be helping the reported tension die down because he apparently spends most of his time with just his fourth wife, Robyn, an insider told Radar in May. That’s almost certain to spur jealousy among his wives. Plus, during part 2 of the tell-all episode of season 13, Christine, 47, and 48-year-old Meri admitted that they’re still working on their notably strained relationship. “We’re still working on it. We’re still working on things, honestly. It’s not at the best situation. It’s not,” Christine noted.

Plus, in late March, Kendra Pollard-Parra — a former close friend of Robyn’s —confirmed to In Touch that Meri had been essentially shut out by other members of the family — Christine specifically. Following Meri’s well-publicized catfish situation, Kendra claimed that for the Browns, “Meri’s betrayal still has run pretty deep in the family and it’s not going away. [It] was a lot more intense than they tried to make out in the beginning.” She added that Christine has “cut Meri off emotionally,” and that, “She doesn’t want to deal with the emotional side effects of Meri’s bad choices.”

Sister Wives Christine and Meri Feud

But they apparently took a trip to Chicago together, so have the two women patched things up? Or is it all for show? Presumably, no matter what’s going on with them, Christine still has a relationship with Mariah since she helped raise her. Maybe they decided to set their differences aside for the sake of Meri’s oldest daughter. Or maybe they’re just there for a paycheck! It’s truly anyone’s guess with this gang.

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