Is he clapping back? Kody Brown shared a message on Twitter about being “bitter” that may have been a response to a cryptic social media post his first wife, Meri Brown, made about “selfish” women. What is going on here?

Meri, 48, posted a quote to her Instagram Story in mid-May that read, “I wish more women realized that helping another woman win, cheering her on, praying for her, or sharing a resource with her, does NOT take away from the blessings coming to them. In fact, the more you give, the more you receive. Empowering women doesn’t come from selfishness but rather from selflessness.” Just days later, Kody, 50, shared a tweet that read, “Bitterness is the undoing of creativity. Thus, a poet allows his blood to sweeten with pain. May all pain sweeten your blood so you will access Source Energy and find Peace.” Hmm.

Some fans suspected that Meri’s quote was about her relationship with Kody’s other wives — Christine BrownRobyn Brown and Janelle Brown. Half the time, it doesn’t even seem like the wives like each other that much — like when Meri and Christine, 47, went on the same cruise and seemed to avoid each other. But what exactly is Kody’s message about, and is the timing as awkward as it appears?

People in Kody’s Twitter replies certainly had some thoughts about his own cryptic message. “Perhaps the ‘Wives’ have finally given him a good kicking for how he treats them,” one person suggested. Another wrote, “Oh Kody please get over [yourself], [you’re] not all that!” A different fan seemed to directly bring up Meri’s message about selfishness and throw Kody’s comment about bitterness right back at him when they replied, “Passive aggressive response to ‘bitterness’ that you created. You moved your family because you are a [narcissist]. You made three of your wives chose you over their children and their happiness, except for [Robyn]. How are the new houses going? Selfish.” Tell us how you really feel, Sister Wives followers!

Do you think Kody and Meri are quietly feuding over social media? Or are their seemingly related messages just a coincidence?

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