Well, this would certainly change their family dynamic. Kody Brown is apparently acting like he’s scouting a fifth wife, an insider close to the reality series Sister Wives told In Touch exclusively. “For a guy with four wives and almost two dozen kids, Kody’s acting like he’s on the lookout,” the source noted.

“Kody wouldn’t mind having a fifth wife,” the insider continued. “That’s what friends close to the polygamist father of 18 kids are all buzzing about. He’s 50 and he says he’s happy at this stage of his life, but some people are noticing that Kody has a new outlook, and that could spell trouble.” Kody currently has four wives — Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown — who already don’t all live together in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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“Maybe he’s bored, but the last thing he needs is another wife,” the source added. They revealed that the reality star is “looking thinner,” and that “he goes to the gym regularly, with his long hair in a hip man bun.” Kody apparently drives around town in a black sports car and has been seen not wearing his wedding ring. “Sounds like a player or a guy going through a mid-life crisis to me,” the insider dished.

The TLC show source also said, “Kody has more than most men could wish for, so he should be content at this point in his life. Adding another wife would certainly give him, and Sister Wives, some renewed interest.” So, is this all about ratings? Who knows, really. But maybe Kody should focus on the relationships he already has before starting any new ones.

For instance, Kody and Meri, 48, revealed in the season 13 tell-all of the series that they’re still struggling in their marriage, but they’re working on it. “It’s a matter of trust,” Kody explained. “And it’s a matter of spending five years in Las Vegas without trust. There was an energy at our house, and the cul-de-sac, but even to have it brought up again is nothing, because we’ve moved to Flagstaff, and we’ve left that behind us.” Meri added, “I totally agree. You know, it’s like we left that bad, funky energy in Las Vegas, we’re moving on, you know. We’re moving forward, and it’s done.” But would a fifth wife shake their foundation even further?

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