Audrey Kriss “literally” changed Mariah Brown’s life, and we bet the feeling is mutual! Mariah, 23, one of Kody Brown’s 18 kids, came out to her family in a January 2017 episode of Sister Wives, and February 19, 2018, marked one year since she and Audrey went Facebook-official as a couple. That was just the start of the social media love exchanged between these two, of course. Now, they’re a happily engaged couple!

Who Is Audrey Kriss and How Did She Meet Mariah?

On February 18, 2017, Mariah quipped on Instagram that she was pretending to like art because Audrey’s an artist (and a fellow Westminster College student, incidentally). Then, on March 8, Mariah tweeted, “Shoutout to Audrey Kriss for literally changing my life [and] showing me that who I am is perfectly okay.” So sweet.

How Did Mariah and Audrey Get Engaged?

Mariah popped the question in Washington, D.C. on January 16 during the Women’s March, the reality star revealed in mid-February. “We were in the middle of where everyone was marching and I was trying to get the ring out of my pocket, where it was stuck,” the 23-year-old told People. “I think Audrey was fixing her hair, but I just got down on one knee and said some sweet things that neither of us can really remember because we were so caught up in the moment.”

Where is Audrey From?

According to her Facebook profile, Audrey is from Littleton, Colorado, but now lives in Chicago with Mariah. Her “likes” include Taylor Swift, Harry Potter, Apples to Apples, and — of course — Sister Wives.

How Did Meri Brown Handle Mariah Coming Out?

Mariah’s coming-out came as a big shock to her Mormon family, as we saw in the 11th season of the TLC hit. “I just always expected that she would grow up, meet a guy, get married and have kids,” mom Meri Brown tearfully told viewers. “I kind of always expected that. I always wanted to have a son. I just always kind of thought, well, you know, since I never had a son, I will be able to adopt Mariah’s husband as a kind of a son. And I looked forward to seeing who that could be. And that’s not gonna happen.”

Though Meri eventually came around, some of Mariah’s other parents seemed to accept the news more instantaneously. Kody, 50, for example, took his cue from one Ebenezer Scrooge.

“I dream of a world where people are judged by the merits of their character, instead of sexual orientation and family structure,” he tweeted in January 2017. “God has prepared my heart and mind for 15 years. Now [Mariah] can feel safe being openly gay with our family. I grew up in a world with terrible prejudice to the gay community. Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol taught me a modern lesson.”

Over on her Instagram account, Mariah treats Sister Wives fans to “The Audrey & Mariah Instagram Show” — showing pics of her and her GF enjoying date night, hiking in Zion, hitting up Oktoberfest, dressing up like Star Wars characters, and hanging with their dogs. Sounds like they’re living quite the happily ever after! And before long, that happy life will include wedding vows. Stay tuned.

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