He may be warming to the idea. Gabriel Brown — one of the sons of Kody and Janelle Brownreally struggled with the family’s move to Flagstaff, but he may be giving their new home another chance after he saw the family property for the first time on the season premiere of Sister Wives.

“So this is actually Gabe’s first visit to our property,” Janelle, 50, explained in the episode when the family decided to visit Coyote Pass together. “He was so against the move that he just kept finding ways to be busy and things to do and he just didn’t care about seeing Flagstaff. He’s like, ‘I’m just gonna go because you’re dragging me, essentially.'”

After Kody, 50, was told that the visit was the first time his son had even seen the property, he set to explaining everything about it to Gabe and tried to get him excited about it. When his father revealed the mountains in the distance and the pond on the property, the 18-year-old finally seemed to brighten and seemed pumped about the island in the middle of the water.

gabe brown

“It’s got an island!” Gabe exclaimed. “I will claim it. I’ll claim it, and I will call it … Gabe Land.”

Previously, a producer asked several of the kids during the Sister Wives premiere how they felt about resettling in Flagstaff, and Gabe answered, “The move? What about it? I mean, yeah, of course, I don’t want to move. But I mean, it’s not … it’s not a bad area to visit. … I feel displaced. I mean, I don’t have my room anymore. I don’t have my house. I’m just kind of bouncing around, going wherever I’m told. That’s about it.”

gabriel brown at coyote pass

But Gabriel got so excited about the pond when he finally got to see the land, he asked to jump in the water and wade over to the island. While Janelle was reluctant at first, she eventually gave him permission to get in, and many of the other kids — and even Kody — soon followed suit.

“I’m just excited! I’m enthusiastic,” Kody explained in a confessional right before a scene showing that he, too, jumped in the water after Gabe. He later added, “I have wondered if we’re doing the right thing with this move. It’s everything that I wanted. But when we’re not at this property, I forget.”

Hopefully, Coyote Pass makes the move a little more worth it for Gabe, too.

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