Is this really a huge surprise? Since the Sister Wives family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, they apparently live miles apart, Radar Online reported on February 27. And on the February 24 episode of the reality series, Christine Brown — one of Kody Brown’s four wives — admitted that she doesn’t have a great relationship with any of her fellow wives. So much for plural marriage making each of them better.

Radar reported that first wife Meri Brown is renting a four-bedroom, five-bathroom home worth $861,179 in the Brown family’s new city. Her home is nine miles from Kody, 50, and Christine’s three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. The outlet reported that Meri, 48, is 13 miles from Janelle’s $347,000 home, which she is renting for $2,900, and Christine, 46, and Kody’s home is they’re 12 miles away from Janelle, 49, and 8.5 miles away from Robyn, 40. Not exactly the cul-de-sac living they got used to in Las Vegas.

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On Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Meri and Christine had a rather uncomfortable — but sort of necessary — conversation about their current relationship. At one point, Christine said to Meri, “We don’t talk. We don’t have any sort of conversations. Nothing real.” Which is kind of sad if you really think about it, since they basically have to go through the rest of their lives together.

The wives also noted that they are not comfortable with each other at all, but Christine then admitted, “It’s not like I go talk to Robyn and Janelle all the time. I’m not that close to them either …  I just go over and hang out.” Just a thought, but maybe it would have been a good idea to work on these relationships before packing up the whole family and moving to a new state where they don’t even live near one another? That can’t have made it easy for the wives to work more on being close.

For what it’s worth, Christine did note that it’s not Meri, Robyn, and Janelle specifically that she has a huge issue with — although it’s fairly clear to anyone who watches the TLC show that they aren’t exactly besties. She said in a confessional that the connection between sister wives is tricky because “You’re trying to be best friends with a woman who has a relationship with your husband.” That’s not exactly an easy feat. But living as far apart as the Browns apparently do can’t be helping matters!

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