Sister Wives star Kody Brown is “spending all his time” with fourth wife Robyn Brown while his other spouses Meri, Janelle and now-ex Christine Brown “are in their own world, living their own lives.” 

“He spent the holidays with Robyn and her kids,” a source told Us Weekly about what led to a further divide in his already strained relationships. “He didn’t even try making plans with the others. All the wives were very much separated for the holidays, spending time with their own families.” 

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In a January 2022 episode, Janelle, 52, blasted Kody, 53, for making her feel as though she wasn’t respecting his strict COVID-19 guidelines for their plural family.  

A major source of contention was their adult sons Garrison and Gabriel maintaining their social lives during the pandemic, which Kody felt put others at risk. 

“You don’t think I’m being careful?” Janelle questioned during their heated exchange on the show, to which he replied, “I think you understand the big picture that I have, and I want you to just respect that, OK?”  

You know, f–k off,” Janelle clapped back before deciding that she would be spending Thanksgiving 2020 with their kids instead of Kody. 

Janelle followed Christine’s footsteps and enjoyed the holiday in Utah with her own children while Kody spent the holiday with Meri, 51, and Robyn, 43, back in Flagstaff, Arizona.

“The contrast has been one of those things that has really just made me aware of those who are loyal to me and those who are not,” Kody said about the ordeal. 

Sister Wives Kody Spending All His Time With Robyn, Has 'Damaged' Relationship With Other Spouses' Kids
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Because he is often with Robyn and their kids, 10-year-old Solomon and Ariella, 6, it’s caused some of his other children to feel outcast. 

“Kody’s stepkids from Robyn’s first marriage worship him and are really close to him, unlike the others,” the source explained about Dayton, 22, Aurora, 19, and Breanna, 16. “He has really damaged his relationship with the other kids, and instead, the kids are leaning on their moms and other siblings.” 

Christine, 49, and Kody split in November 2021 after 27 years of marriage, marking the beginning of her new singlehood 

“It’s over. The intimate part of our marriage is over,” the Murray resident said on a recent episode. “And to be honest, I’m not OK with that. I’m not OK with staying in a marriage where there’s no intimacy. That’s not a real marriage. I’m not interested in a half-marriage or a partial marriage or whatever we have.”

Sister Wives airs on TLC Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

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