Robyn Brown revealed that husband Kody and their entire family may have been exposed to COVID-19 while celebrating daughter Ariella’s birthday in a dramatic Sister Wives teaser. 

“The whole family tested [beforehand] and was able to get together … it was actually really cool,” Robyn, 43, said during a confessional in the sneak peek clip published by E! News on Thursday, January 20. “Ari was so happy that her family was there for her birthday. Well, after that, the next day, I got a call from my childcare provider [who is] my nanny and tutor for the kids, and she said that her husband and her were testing positive for COVID. It was really scary.” 

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Robyn vented about her frustrations, noting they tried to take precautions by getting negative results so they could safely gather with loved ones for the special occasion. “We got everybody together,” she said.  

“If it had just been me and my kids doing Ari’s birthday party at our house, the only point of exposure we would have had to worry about was whether or not Kody was going somewhere.”

“Right now, there’s a possibility that we all have COVID,” Robyn continued.

Kody, 52, was shocked to learn they may have been exposed to COVID, especially considering how careful his fourth wife had been amid his family guidelines. 

“The first thing that happened when Robyn told me this is I’m going, ‘Holy cow, she’s been doing everything right, how did she get exposed to COVID?” the father of 18 said. “This just validates Kody,” Robyn added. “That, you know, maybe getting together is too much of a risk … I’m just praying that we’re OK.”

Kody Family Are Exposed COVID 19 Dramatic Sister Wives Teaser
Courtesy of TLC

In an earlier episode, Kody gave his wives Robyn, Janelle, Meri and Christine Brown, the “Rules for Family Social Exposure” to prevent such from happening — which included “wear mask in public” and go to “no movie theaters, bars, fitness centers or restaurants.” 

It caused some tension among his brood due to some of his spouses feeling like they were going above and beyond. 

“I wear a mask, I social distance, I sanitize my hands. I do all the things that the CDC says to do, but because I don’t follow all of his 10 commandments, his rules, I’m not following any rules apparently,” Janelle, 52, said in a January episode. “Your rules are taking a toll on our family.” 

Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

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