It seems like things are going well for Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown! After revealing over the 4th of July how much she loves being an aunt (“[It’s] my favorite thing about me,” she wrote), now she’s sharing what makes her happiest. On Tuesday, July 9, the reality TV celeb took to Instagram to post a pic of her snuggling her precious little pup, Jakson Maine. In the caption, she explained that the photo was actually a celebration for having a good day.

“I’m happiest when I can lay down at night and say, ‘You did a good job today, Rainy,’ and actually believe it,” the 16-year-old star wrote. “Today is one of those days. Wanted to celebrate with a picture of my son and I. This little monster has stolen my heart. The blurry pictures of me dodging licks are my favorites.🌈♥️ #stayhappy #staystrong”

Lately, the teen has been doing a lot of work on her journey to #stayhappy and #staystrong. On June 26, she shared that she was starting an Instagram series of inspirational messages posted every Wednesday. “To anyone that feels like giving up: some days you feel defeat,” she wrote in the inaugural message. “You’re still strong. But sometimes things fail. Not because of us, but just because that’s the way it’s meant to be.” The following Wednesday, she shared a different kind of inspirational quote.

“I’ve spent all day thinking of what to post for motivational Wednesday, and I still can’t think of anything,” she admitted on July 3. “Truth is, sometimes it’s okay not to have any super important things to say. Not every day is monumental, but we should cherish the in between days too.” In addition to posting uplifting sentiments, she’s also started limiting commenting on her posts — even positive ones like the one about “dodging licks” from Jakson. On days when she needs her pup to love her because she “forgets to love herself,” she doesn’t need the extra hate, and we love that she’s putting herself first.

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