When times get tough, get a puppy. That’s the lesson that Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown has learned. Ever since she welcomed her new pooch, Jakson, to the family, her life has been better for it. And recently, it seems like he’s helped her overcome a serious slump. After making the hard decision to limit commenting on her Instagram page in order to combat negativity, she’s crediting Jakson with bringing back the positivity.

“Thank you for loving me when I forget to love myself,” the 16-year-old star told her dog on Instagram, posting a photo of her cuddling the furry little guy. In the hashtags, she added her regular refrains #staystrong and #stayhappy, tacking on one more for good measure: #pommom. The teen introduced her followers to her “son” on March 24, and it’s clear he’s already “changed [her] life.” On April 16, she wrote, “I feel like I’ve known you forever, and I have never been happier. Jakson, I promise to pamper you forever.”

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Thank you for loving me when I forget to love myself. #staystrong #stayhappy #pommom

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While she swore to take care of him, it looks like the precious pooch is also helping take care of her. In the comments, her followers wanted to join in on the positivity parade. “You are more than loved Rainy, 💗” wrote one fan. “Never forget to make time for you & love yourself. 💗😍” Another added, “They really can make your heart feel so much better. My dog gave me a reason to live when I was really struggling. I can’t imagine where I would be if she wasn’t there for me.” A third agreed, “Being a teen is hard. Being a teen who lives in the public eye is even harder. Turning off the noise to focus on what’s important to you is okay.”

Since Rain only allows people she follows to comment on her posts — a decision she made and shared on May 15 — those three were the only comments. When it comes to trying to #staystrong and #stayhappy, we bet they went a long way, too. Though her Instagram posts are no longer filled with replies from strangers wishing her well, they’re also free from trolls. In the past, the star has faced criticism for all manner of topics, and she’s been open about struggling with depression. It’s clear that the #pommom is making an effort to focus on her mental health, and we’re glad she’s putting in the work. Keep taking care of yourself, Rain. And when you can’t, know that Jakson will pick up the slack.

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