This is so powerful. Mariah Brown from Sister Wives shared a super body positive message on Instagram on July 10, and her fans have nothing but love for what she had to say. “I’ve spent too long hating this body that carries me,” Mariah, 23, began the caption. “I’ve spent too long not treating it with love, not honoring the beauty and the imperfection that it is. But I’m choosing a new path, one that lights me up — that powers and empowers me.”

Kody and Meri Brown’s daughter continued, “I’m choosing to honor the arms that get to hug my loved ones, to honor the stomach that belly laughs at the most ridiculous jokes, to honor the legs that take me on walks [and] hikes [and] runs [and] that hold me strong in my warrior pose. I’m choosing to honor this home that I get to live in, that I get to love in, that gets to ride the waves of life [and] creation [and] growth.” Such an epic statement for her followers to take in.

Mariah added, “I want to make a distinction here between loving and honoring — I don’t know how to love myself and my body all of the time. Because I am human and flawed and socialized, sometimes my rolls make me sad and my feet hurt, sometimes loving myself isn’t easy. Sometimes I don’t love my body.” (We’ve all been there, girl!)

The reality star continued, “But I can always honor it, I can always find gratitude for the feet that hurt because they took long walks with dogs, and they helped a friend find something, and they helped me teach my students in yoga.” She then concluded the post with a message for her readers. “Maybe you too feel pressure to love your body — but what if we just took our body as just a home, one that is no better or worse than anyone else’s, but one that we can trust is perfect for us in the time that we have it in? Maybe you, too, can find gratitude instead for the body that carries your sweet sweet soul.”

Fans in the comments were here for Mariah’s message. “Thank you! I’m 41, married with two kids and struggling with accepting my body,” one wrote. “You’ve caused me to hold my head a little higher ❤️.” Another person replied, “What a beautiful way of putting into words what so many of us are trying to do. Finding comfort in our own skin is so important.”

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Courtesy of Mariah Brown/Instagram

Mariah has written about body image issues in the past. On May 9, she took to her Instagram Story to share some thoughts she has about people addressing her weight, even if they were doing so in a positive way. She wrote that she was “trying not to be frustrated when people say ‘wow have you lost weight?’ as if that is the most important/valuable thing about me.” She noted, “FUN FACT: my weight or lack thereof is probably one of the least interesting things about me! Ask me about my passions, my activism, my family, my interests. Literally. I am way more interesting than the amount of weight on my body.”

As for the point Mariah made about her body helping her teach yoga, she previously exclusively told In Touch that her teacher training in Bali was “a wonderful experience.” “It truly was magical and empowering, and I am so excited to be able to share more about my love for yoga,” she said. These days, she’s all about loving herself, too!

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