An uphill battle. Joyce Del Viscovo enlists the help of renowned surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan while appearing on a new episode of the hit TLC reality show My 600-lb Life, but she faces some tough hurdles along the way. The 44-year-old gets real about her ongoing weight loss struggles and how they are causing a serious rift in her family.

“I’m just a prisoner here doing nothing because of how big I’ve gotten and my weight makes it so hard for me to breathe, I have to use oxygen a lot of the time,” the TV personality says about how she feels on a daily basis.

My 600 lb Life Star Joyce Story
Courtesy of TLC

Joyce’s loved ones desperately want to see her adapt a healthier lifestyle, but the reality star says they are almost enabling her in some ways. “I know my family and [my friend] Dawn are all worried about me too, and they don’t think I’m going to make it much longer,” she says on the episode. “But just like me, they keep doing what they’ve been doing and help me eat the stuff I’m not supposed to have now.”

“I almost kind of have the attitude of like ‘duh, I don’t get this big eating small amounts so why would you expect me to do so?’ So I just want to say, you know. ‘Shut up and give me the food and then leave if you have a problem with it,'” Joyce adds.

On the other hand, the reality star’s mom reveals she constantly “lives in fear” that her daughter won’t be around in the future. By this time, Joyce hadn’t been able to leave her house for years, and she required around the clock care by others.

My 600 lb Life Star Joyce Story

The season 8, episode 7 star says she developed an addiction to food during her childhood. She speculates it started after her parents divorced and as a result, she was forced her to live with her grandmother. Joyce claims her grandma encouraged her to use food as a way to cope and the problem only exacerbated over the years.

By the end of the episode, Joyce surprisingly dropped out of the weight loss program. The Kansas native lost nearly 150 pounds, but gained some afterwards and she wasn’t pleased by the outcome. Joyce weighed 611 pounds when it was all said and done.

She said Dr. Now was “not being reasonable,” and the “scale has to be wrong,” however he disagreed; claiming she needed to stick to his plan in order to achieve her desired results.

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