She’s still on her grind. Lacey Hodder inspired others by documenting her weight loss journey during season 7 of My 600-lb Life. Every time her emotional and motivating episode airs, it leads fans to wonder what the Michigan native is up to today. After dropping an impressive 256 pounds, Lacey now has a new lease on life and she recently started a support group with the hopes of helping people struggling to lose weight.

The TV personality regularly updates her social media pages. “I’ve never been so proud of a stranger,” one fan commented. “When you lost your first 100 pounds, I was ready to cry. Keep up the great work!”

'My 600 lb-Life' Star Lacey Helping Others After Weight Loss Journey

In October 2019, Lacey revealed that she was looking forward to spreading positivity after her weight loss success. “Hey guys, I have been working on a Discord Server with someone special to me,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “We want to create a safe place where people from all over can come to together and help each other on their journeys to a healthier life.”

“I get sooo many messages asking for advice and help,” the TLC alum continued. “I have such a hard time keeping up with them so I figured maybe if we’re together everyone can help everyone! So if you are interested please join my discord server.”

Lacey has certainly overcome her fair share of obstacles on the show. When viewers were first introduced to the reality star, she weighed 691 pounds and Dr. Nowzaradan warned the Bay City local that she was a “ticking clock” if her health wasn’t made a priority immediately. Lacey even confessed that she was “ashamed” because she let herself go.

“Waking up is so painful, because there’s so much weight pulling down on every part of me now that every inch of my body is constantly in pain, and it’s so much worse when I move,” Lacey revealed at the time.

'My 600 lb-Life' Star Lacey Helping Others After Weight Loss Journey
Courtesy of Lacey Hodder/Instagram

By sticking to a high-protein, low-carb diet, she managed to drop 105 pounds. When she had gastric bypass surgery not too long after, Lacey lost even more weight and was ready to be social, so she started going out more and meeting new friends.

“I’m starting to love my life now and how it has completely changed over the past year,” the reality star said. “It isn’t easy, but I think I am doing pretty good with it.”

And her transformation isn’t just via weight loss. In May 2020, Lacey debuted her new look as she dyed her hair blonde. In July, she reflected on her transformation journey so far by sharing a side-by-side before-and-after photo.

“That was taken a little bit before Christmas 2019 and the other one I’m sure was Christmas as well a long time ago. I may have a long way to go but it was sure nice seeing how far I’ve come. Sometimes I forget where I started,” she wrote.

Keep up the great work!

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