In the over five years since My 600-Lb Life premiered, we’ve watched tens of obese patients lose thousands of pounds collectively. The man at the center of all of these success stories is Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

The weight loss surgeon, who performs all of the procedures on My 600-Lb Life, has become the main star of the TLC reality series. He’s in every episode, helping his patients before, during, and after of their surgeries, and many have lovingly dubbed him “Dr. Now.”

But other than what we see in these interactions, we haven’t learned much about Dr. Nowzaradan or his background. Scroll down for more on the go-to doc’s life outside of the show.

dr nowzaradan my 600 lb life — tlc

How old is Dr. Younan Nowzaradan?

Dr. Nowzaradan has been helping patients for over four decades, so he’s clearly no spring chicken. But at 72 years old, he looks great for his age — and he’s still hard at work!

Where is he from?

Before establishing a respected career in surgery in the US, the doctor received his medical degree in 1970 from University of Tehran in Iran, where he was born and raised. Not long after, he moved to Tennessee for his general surgery residency, and then to Texas for his residency in thoracic surgery.

Is he married?

Dr. Now married wife Delores in 1975, and the two had three children together. Son Jonathan Nowzaradan is a producer of My 600-Lb Life, as well as fellow TLC shows Shipping Wars and Half Ton Teen. The Nowzaradans divorced in 2002 after 27 years of marriage.

Where does he work?

Dr. Nowzaradan practices at a number of Houston-area hospitals, including First Street Hospital, Doctors Hospital at Tidwell, Renaissance Hospital, Surgery Specialty Hospital, and University General Hospital.

What procedures does he offer?

Though he specializes in gastric bypass surgery, Dr. Now does a variety of general, vascular, and weight loss surgeries. Those include Roux-en Y gastric bypass, lap band system, gastric sleeve, and revision surgery. Before approving patients for weight loss surgery, Dr. Now asks them to follow his 1,200-calorie diet plan.

dr nowzaradan my 600 lb life — tlc

What are his accomplishments?

Dr. Now was the first surgeon in Houston to propose, research, and adopt laparoscopic surgery for some procedures that had never been considered. He also specializes in challenging surgical candidates who’ve been previously denied by other surgeons — particularly those over 600 pounds.

Was he fired?

Rumors spread that Dr. Nowzaradan has been fired from the show, but there’s no truth to that. However, in 2012, he did experience some legal drama when he and his anesthesiologist were sued for malpractice. In the lawsuit, a woman claimed he’d left a “6.69 inch piece of tubing” inside of her after gastric sleeve surgery. The case was dismissed in 2013.

What has he done outside of the show?

In 2015, Dr. Nowzaradan released a book, Last Chance to Live, which focuses on what he’s learned in over 40 years of treating patients of obesity. He’s also appeared on other shows like Oprah, where he detailed his work with morbidly obese teen Billy Robbins.

What’s his net worth?

According to unconfirmed reports, Dr. Now is currently worth $3 million. This is likely a combination of his work as a go-to weight loss surgeon and his time on reality TV.

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