She’s making strides! My 600-lb Life star Alicia Kirgan recently shared an exciting update via Facebook, confirming that she’ll be appearing on an upcoming Where Are They Now? episode. The TLC alum also posted a new selfie showing off her impressive weight loss progress and said that fans will get to see her entire transformation soon!

Alicia shared a glowing photo of herself wearing a sparkling black gown in June and she exuded more confidence than ever. One of her Facebook friends made sure to ask when we’ll get to see the whole dress and she replied, “Once my update episode aires! Hopefully the beginning of July.” However, the episode has since been pushed back and will apparently air in August 2019 now.

My 600 lb life Alicia Kirgan Weight Loss Transformation
Courtesy of Alicia Kirgan/Facebook

The Illinois-native captivated viewers with her story on the hit reality show, revealing that she grew up in a “chaotic” household and ended up turning to food to comfort her during those tough times. At the age of 10, Alicia weighed 200 pounds and she later began her journey on the show at 622 pounds. “I felt like a failure to my mom, my family and myself,” she said in her initial episode.

Her boyfriend, Tim, did whatever he could to keep her motivated while she worked hard to achieve her goals. With the help of her loved ones, Alicia was able to drop some pounds and be approved for bariatric surgery, so she lost a staggering 186 pounds in a year, going down to 436 pounds. “Tim was addicted to drugs, but he got clean, and now I am the one killing myself because I can’t stop myself from eating,” Alicia confessed while opening up about her life with the cameras.

Fast forward to now, and the couple is still going strong. Her current relationship status on Facebook confirms that she’s with Tim. And that’s not all. The pair celebrated their eight-year anniversary not long ago, so we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. Way to go!