Fans watched several American reality stars travel abroad to find their dream partners during season 1 of TLC’s latest dating show, Match Me Abroad. Throughout the show, the cast recruited the help of matchmakers Katrina Němcová, Juan Nino and Nina Kharoufeh to help find their ideal significant other. So, where are the stars today?

Where Is ‘Match Me Abroad’ Star Harold?

Harold Davis II caught the attention of fans when he traveled to Prague and was set up with Michaela. They got off to a great start and Harold even considered proposing after two dates.

Harold asked Michaela to be his girlfriend during the July 30 episode, though she said it was too soon. However, the continued to get to know each other without putting a label on their relationship.

Harold is seemingly back in New Mexico after filming, though it’s not clear if he and Michaela continued to pursue their relationship. It does seem like they’re still in touch, as he took to social media on August 7 to tease that there’s more to their story than the show featured.

One day later, the New Mexico native returned to social media with an important update, confirming he and Michaela were “just friends.” He also revealed the Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, native was battling cancer

The health professional noted that while he was heartbroken, he “fully understood” why Michaela wouldn’t commit to being his girlfriend. After learning about her dire financial situation only a few weeks ago, Harold created a GoFundMe to help pay for her necessities. 

“I fell in love with this woman on camera. On the last day of filming when I was to meet with her off-camera for the first time, she had to cancel,” Harold wrote in the description for the fundraiser, which he shared via his Instagram on August 8. “From an all too brief 1 minute phone call she told me, ‘I am at the hospital about to undergo surgery.’ I heard tears in her voice as she said ‘I have ovarian cancer and won’t be able to have children.’” 

While both he and the producers were initially unaware of Michaela’s illness, for the remainder of filming, he chose to stay silent onscreen about the sad news he learned. 

“It’s not my story to tell. The sadness in my eyes in the scene where I am wearing a suit is from this,” the health field professional continued. “The show was wonderfully and kindly cut so as not to share this either. This happened at the end of July 2022. Fast forward a few weeks, I learned she had her ovaries and womb removed.”

Where Is ‘Match Me Abroad’ Star Michelle?

During season 1 of the show, Michelle Johnson was set up with Pavol during her trip to Prague. They took a liking to each other during their first date, which had to pair ask personal questions about their sex lives while as they attended a masquerade-themed dinner.

Pavol even took Michelle to the airport following their date, which hinted they might pursue their romance off camera. While Michelle is seemingly back in North Carolina, she hinted that there might still be a future with Pavol.

“I’m waiting to see what y’all think before I do my tell-all. What do you figure has happened since #matchmeabroad? Have I been back to Prague?” she wrote via Instagram on August 8. “To a different continent entirely? Was Pavol there?! And: is a first meeting (on International TV, no less) really enough to build a life on, or just the start of a potentially great story?”

Only one day later, Michelle confirmed she and Pavol had seen each other following their time on the TLC series. 

“And, being normal people, we got to do a big ‘ol lunch, sample some beers, make some jokes, take a walk, and REALLY get to talking … you know, more regular human being/date things than dinner in a sex dungeon,” she captioned a carousel of photos from their trip together on August 9. “We remain pretty private people in our real lives, but have enjoyed taking you along for the ride of how we met!”

Michelle also teased a trip to Paris being in their future as she added that Pavol was “100% down to fly to France” and meet her.

“A friendly reminder, however, that relationships of ALL kinds take more than a charming meet-cute,” she concluded. “There has to be communication, common values, and the commitment to grow parallel, authentic, and inclusive lives. But we both agree … The future is wide open!”

Where Is ‘Match Me Abroad’ Star Susan?

Susan Boasi found the connection with Colombian graphic designer Mauricio.

After their successful second date, the New York native couldn’t help but gush about her new potential partner. “I’m having such a great time with Mauricio,” she said in a confessional. “He’s artistic. He’s talented. He’s my age – super handsome. Juan finally gets in the lane that he should have been in, and I’m grateful for that.” She teased, “He’s kind of redeemed himself a little bit, not by much, by just a little bit.”

While Susan doesn’t share much about her personal life online, she does run an Instagram account for her Havanese dog, Calliope. In recent months, the adorable pet has been seen spending time in New York City. So, it’s safe to assume that Susan hasn’t made her way back to Colombia full-time.

Where Is ‘Match Me Abroad’ Star Nathaly?

During the June 25 episode, fans watched Nathaly Leonidas June 25 episode, go on a date with Colombia native, Alejandro.

“Talking about your spiritual journey is such a personal thing,” she said in a confessional. “So being vulnerable, and talking about something so intimate so personally, those are qualities that I’d want in a partner. So, it’s really great.”

After Alejandro revealed that he can talk to angels, Nathaly was left in shock when he added that he doesn’t tell women this secret because he believes he won’t “get laid” if they know about his beliefs.

“I think it’s cool, but I definitely need to hear more about it, and I also am curious how this is connected to him not getting laid,” she said in a confessional. “And I’m really confused on that.”

It’s not clear if Nathaly and Alejandro tried to make their romance work after filming ended, though she is seemingly back in her native California. However, she appeared to love her time in Colombia and has shared several photos from the trip via her Instagram page.

Did They Find Their Perfect Matches? Find Out Where the Cast of ‘Match Me Abroad’ Season 1 Is Now

Where Is ‘Match Me Abroad’ Star Chad?

Chad Gupton traveled to Colombia to meet his dream girl, Maria, during season 1 of the reality show. While he was initially nervous to meet in person, Chad instantly felt a connection and even tried to become engaged after their second date. However, Maria said she thought they would be better off as friends.

The Tennessee native didn’t take the rejection well and abruptly left Colombia. Following his departure, he turned to Juan to discuss the failed relationship. The matchmaker said the relationship didn’t work out because he reverted back to his old ways that resulted in the end of his three engagements.

Chad and Juan then called Maria to apologize, though she didn’t answer and sent the call to voicemail. While things didn’t work out between Chad and Maria, he is currently in a relationship with a woman named Verena Neunzig, according to his Facebook page.

Where Is ‘Match Me Abroad’ Star Stanika?

Fans watched Stanika Banks fall for Morocco native Noureddine. After the pair bonded over their shared traditional views of relationships, the Mississippi native met his family and they all hit it off.

Stanika eventually had to go back to the United States. However, things didn’t slow down between the couple, and they started planning their future together as they attempted to get Noureddine to visit her.

She confirmed they’re still going strong on August 7 and teased they were planning a “7-day adventure” via her Instagram Stories. “We’ll delve into the charms of Marrakech, exploring both the old and new city, indulging in delicious food, experiencing vibrant nightlife, engaging in spontaneous activities, prioritizing self-care, and enjoying some relaxing moments together,” Stanika shared, adding that fans will also get the opportunity to meet the couple.

Where Is ‘Match Me Abroad’ Star Mark?

Mark Scafidi is another Match Me Abroad star that traveled to Morocco in hopes of finding a partner.

During his trip, Mark was matched with a woman named Houda and they seemed to hit it off.

Unfortunately, their relationship took a negative turn when Houda asked Mark if Nina had set him up with other women. When he revealed he had more dates lined up, Houda said he had to choose between her and the other women.

Mark ultimately decided to leave his other dates behind and pursue a relationship with Houda, though it was too late, and she stood him up.

While Mark didn’t find lasting love with Houda, he seems to be enjoying life and regularly shares photos of his travels on Instagram.

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