Chad is one of the American stars on Match Me Abroad that recruited a matchmaker to help him find a partner overseas. During season 1, fans watched Chad travel to Colombia and pursue a romance with Maria. But are they still together now?

How Did ‘Match Me Abroad’ Stars Chad and Maria Meet?

After having three failed engagements, Chad turned to a matchmaker, Juan Manuel Niño, to help him find his dream girl in Colombia.

Viewers watched the pair meet for the first time during the June 18 episode. “This is why I don’t fly,” Chad said in a confessional as he traveled from Tennessee to Colombia. “Not only am I dealing with a culture shock, but I’m going on my first date in 2 years and I’m definitely sweating up a storm.”

Once his flight landed, Chad changed his outfit in the bathroom and gave himself a pep talk. “Just be you, don’t try to be somebody you ain’t,” he said.

Juan explained in a confessional that he arranged for Chad and Maria’s first meeting to be at the airport instead of a more traditional date “because he needs to relax.” He added, “I think this way he can’t overthink or over stay.”

However, Chad still admitted that he was “nervous,” “”anxious” and “feeling everything you can feel.”

Luckily for Chad, he was able to calm his nerves by the time he met Maria. “I’m looking forward to getting to know this country and getting to know you,” he told his love interest before he took her to a restaurant.

“I was shocked, I mean long, dark hair, perfect body, she looked like a model,” the TLC personality said about his first impression of Maria. “But she gave me a big hug, apparently she knew that I looked like somebody who was lost. Apparently, I look lost.”

Chad was so taken by Maria that he even tried to become engaged after their second date.

Are ‘Match Me Abroad’ Stars Chad and Maria Still Together?

Chad and Maria called it quits during the August 6 episode. After Maria admitted she only wanted to be friends, Chad became angry and wouldn’t let her explain why she thought they wouldn’t made a good couple.

She was eventually able to explain that he was too focused on his work and she wanted a partner that can relax. However, Chad didn’t take the explanation well and decided to leave Colombia.

Viewers later watched Chad confront Juan about the failed relationship, though the matchmaker said it was because the Tennessee native reverted back to his old ways that resulted in the end of his three engagements.

Juan eventually helped Chad understand his mistakes with Maria and they called her to apologize, though she didn’t answer the call and sent it to voicemail.

Are 'Match Me Abroad' Stars Chad and Maria Still Together? Inside Their Relationship

Following the airing of the episode, Maria revealed whether or not she was still in contact with Chad. 

“The last thing I spoke to him was through a Facebook group where I told him to stop spreading lies to justify himself,” she wrote via her Instagram Stories in August 2023. “So I never really talked to him again.”

Who Is ‘Match Me Abroad Star Chad Dating Today?

While things didn’t work out between Chad and Maria, it appears that he eventually found love. The reality star is currently in a relationship with a woman named Verena Neunzig, according to his Facebook page.

It’s not currently clear if Maria has moved on following their brief romance.

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