Match Me Abroad is taking international love to new heights and fans are curious if Harold and his Czech beauty, Michaela, were able to make their romance work. Keep reading to find out if Harold and Michaela are still together. 

Harold is a 41-year-old artist from New Mexico and after finding success in his career in the health field, he was looking for someone to share it with. 

“I feel I’m very close to living the life I’ve always wanted,” he said during his debut on the May 14 episode. “I have friends, a cool apartment, the only thing I’m missing is true love.” 

Harold, who is autistic, is vocal about the struggles he faces while trying to relate with others. Enlisting the help of Katarina, a Czech Republic-based matchmaker, Harold traveled to Prague in hopes of finding a life-long partner. 

“American women, they’re playing games and they’re not serious,” Harold told producers. “I’ve had a hard time trying to relate to other people when they don’t say exactly what they want. So I really had my heart set on Eastern European women.” 

Following Harold’s arrival in Prague, it was clear Katerina had her work cut out for her. After a wardrobe makeover, he was set up with Michaela, a woman with whom shared similar interests.

“On paper, Michaela sounds like she could be the one for me,” the radiation protection technician told producers during the June 18 episode. “She enjoys sci-fi. We have the same love for the same things and I think we’ll be a good match.”

Harold and Michaela ended up really hitting it off — so much so that Harold wanted to propose after two dates. During the July 16 episode, Harold said he was toying around with the idea of buying a ring to pop the question to Michaela. Katarina tried to convince him to slow down, but Harold admitted to feeling the pressure of having limited time in Prague. 

“Our communication since Michaela has gone home hasn’t been that great but for her, she works, comes home, does her normal routine. I’m not in her routine yet,” he said. “So it’s not in her to respond to my messages in a timely manner, but at the same time, I’m on a time dilated scale where an hour feels like a week and a month feels like an eternity.”

During the July 30 episode, Harold asked Michaela to be his girlfriend, and she said it was too soon. Still, she really liked him so far and wanted to spend more time with him before putting a label on their relationship.

Match Me Abroad Are Harold and Michaela Still Together 0

Fortunately for Harold, Michaela seemed to be having a change of heart. In a preview of the August 6 finale published by People, she told Harold that he was a “great man” with “potential” to become her boyfriend. Of course, he still wanted to take it a step further with an engagement.

“She says it’s too soon, she doesn’t know me well enough, she needs more time,” Harold told the cameras. “But I feel the ring burning in my pocket. For me it’s a do-or-die moment. I’m leaving in a few days and I can’t leave ‘what if’ on the table. I must live with no regrets.”

And with that, Harold pulled out the ring to show Michaela. 

Are Match Me Abroad’s Harold and Michaela Still Together?

In June 2023, Harold shared throwback photos from his trip to Prague and specifically nodded toward the blonde beauty. 

“Prague Cultural Museum, is it just me or does the first bust kind of look like Michaela?” he captioned a carousel of photos. “Maybe I just see her everywhere now.”

Fans took to the comment section to applaud the match and hoped that Harold and Michaela continued their romance post show. 

“I’m so happy for you. She seems like a lovely lady. And you’re a great guy,” one user wrote. Meanwhile, another added, “Y’all are so perfect together!” 

While Harold didn’t respond to the fan’s comment, he left a subtle hint by “liking” the response. 

In August 2023, Harold confirmed he and Michaela were “just friends” after revealing she was battling cancer. The health professional noted that while he was heartbroken, he “fully understood” why Michaela wouldn’t commit to being his girlfriend.

After learning about her dire financial situation only a few weeks ago, Harold created a GoFundMe to help pay for her necessities. 

“I fell in love with this woman on camera. On the last day of filming when I was to meet with her off-camera for the first time, she had to cancel,” Harold wrote in the description for the fundraiser, which he shared via his Instagram on August 8. “From an all too brief 1 minute phone call she told me, ‘I am at the hospital about to undergo surgery.’ I heard tears in her voice as she said ‘I have ovarian cancer and won’t be able to have children.’” 

The New Mexico native revealed that both producers and the matchmaker were unaware of Michaela’s cancer battle. For the remainder of filming, he chose to stay silent onscreen about the sad news he learned. 

“It’s not my story to tell. The sadness in my eyes in the scene where I am wearing a suit is from this,” the health field professional continued. “The show was wonderfully and kindly cut so as not to share this either. This happened at the end of July 2022. Fast forward a few weeks, I learned she had her ovaries and womb removed.”

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