After just weeks of filming, Match Me Abroad star Harold Davis II created a GoFundMe for Michaela after learning the Prague native was fighting cancer.

“I fell in love with this woman on camera. On the last day of filming when I was to meet with her off-camera for the first time, she had to cancel,” Harold, 41, wrote in the description for the fundraiser, which he shared via his Instagram on Tuesday, August 8. “From an all too brief 1 minute phone call she told me, ‘I am at the hospital about to undergo surgery.’ I heard tears in her voice as she said ‘I have ovarian cancer and won’t be able to have children.’” 

Harold revealed that both producers and the matchmaker were unaware of Michaela’s cancer battle. For the remainder of filming, he chose to stay silent onscreen about the sad news he learned. 

“It’s not my story to tell. The sadness in my eyes in the scene where I am wearing a suit is from this,” the heath field professional continued. “The show was wonderfully and kindly cut so as not to share this either. This happened at the end of July 2022. Fast forward a few weeks, I learned she had her ovaries and womb removed.”

The artist noted that while he was heartbroken, he “fully understood” why Michaela wouldn’t commit to being his girlfriend. 

“She did not know the future and did not want to put me through such pain and loss. Fast forward months, she learns she has stomach cancer and will be on chemo treatments every 14 days for the rest of her life, of which I have no idea how long she has,” he sadly detailed. “We continue to text back and forth, and we converse at length a few times a month, depending on how she’s feeling. I continue sending messages several times a week wishing for her recovery.” 

The TLC personality explained that it was only a few weeks ago that he learned about Michaela’s dire financial situation and she was struggling to pay for necessities. 

“Michaela is so kind and sweet, she is so nice she would never ask for herself. Being true to myself I want to help my dear friend,” he concluded. “While I don’t expect to raise enough to cure her cancer or increase her options for treatment, I hope to raise enough to help pay her living expenses so she can focus on her recovery.” 

‘Match Me Abroad’ Harold Starts Michaela Cancer GoFundMe 1

Harold and Michaela were introduced on season 1 of Match Me Abroad. During the series, the New Mexico native enlisted the help of Katarina, a Czech Republic-based matchmaker, and met Michaela during one of his blind dates. 

Harold and Michaela ended up really hitting it off — so much so that Harold wanted to propose after two dates. After toying around with buying a ring, Katarina tried to convince him to slow down but Harold admitted to feeling the pressure of having limited time in Prague. 

Harold asked Michaela to be his girlfriend and while she said it was too soon for her to commit to a label, she accepted Harold’s promise ring during the August 6 finale. “I guess next step would be, we work on communication, we talk more, we can video chat,” he explained to her. 

Meanwhile, Michaela also planned to travel to the States to visit Harold in the future. “I’m really happy that I have the chance to meet some great person like is Harold,” she told producers. “I think this time can be the beginning of something bigger.” 

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