TLC’s newest dating show, Match Me Abroad, follows a group of American singles who haven’t found luck with love stateside. However, they’re willing to try again on an international scale. With help from matchmakers, the singles venture around the globe to go on dates in the hopes of finding “the one.” One cast member, Mark Scafidi, has been a fan favorite so far. But did things work out between him and his match, Houda?

Who Is Mark on ‘Match Me Abroad’?

Mark is a sportscaster from Pheonix, Arizona. He’s traveled to over 40 countries for work, but his job made it difficult to start a family. As his friends began settling down and having kids, he realized that he was ready to find serious love. 

“I’m 44, so I’m running out of time to find this perfect person for me,” he said. “I have to have somebody that I can connect with and we have stuff in common and there’s substance to it at this point. Otherwise, I’m just wasting time.”

Mark explained in Match Me Abroad’s May 28 episode that his last relationship didn’t work out because he was being “used” financially, and it “spooked” him. “Other than that, it’s a lot of endless first-time dates that never go anywhere,” he added. 

Having been attracted to Moroccan women in the past, Mark decided he wanted to visit Morocco to find love there. However, his matchmaker, Nina, knew he would need to get past his “frat boy” lifestyle and learn to open up and be more vulnerable. Additionally, Mark was surprised to learn upon his arrival in Morocco that the country has very strict laws about relationships between men and women. 

“You can’t hug, you can’t kiss and you are definitely not bringing girls back to your place,” he said. “I’m definitely worried about connecting with someone and then there’s just nothing physically to see if it’s there or not. … I knew Morocco and the Arab world was a little more conservative, but I was not ready at all for what I’m hearing.”

Are Mark and Houda Still Together?

While in Morocco, Mark was matched with a business owner named Houda. The two hit it off, and Mark felt hopeful that they could find love on their second date in the July 16 episode. Houda admitted that she wasn’t sure about Mark at first because he was older than her, but she enjoyed his sense of humor. Mark even met Houda’s family and made a great first impression. 

Unfortunately, the potential couple reached a rocky point during their dinner date. Houda asked Mark if Nina had set up any other dates for him, and he said yes, adding, “I have to kind of see them because I already agreed to.” Houda wasn’t happy about this and gave Mark an ultimatum: If he saw other women, he wouldn’t see Houda anymore. 

“I don’t see it as a culture problem,” Houda said in a confessional. “He sees that women are like objects that he can just pick one amongst others. And I don’t like this at all.”

While Mark said he “really liked” Houda, he wasn’t sure that he could commit to her without meeting his other dates first to see if they were a better match. He ultimately decided to give his relationship with Houda a shot during the July 30 episode, but unfortunately, it was too late. Houda stood him up. Mark returned to Nina feeling disappointed because it was his last night in Morocco and he wasn’t able to find love. 

“I was hoping to leave Morocco with the girl of my dreams, and instead I’m flying back solo with nothing,” he said in a confessional. 

Though Mark and Houda are not together anymore, he still found his time on Match Me Abroad valuable. He posted the clip of his final night in Morocco on Instagram with the caption, “My last night on Match Me Abroad. Even though it ended badly I had the best time of my life.”

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