Match Me Abroad fans watched sparks fly between Michelle Johnson and Pavol during season 1 of the reality show, which follows Americans traveling abroad to be set up with potential partners. While Michelle has previously been unlucky in love, her luck seemed to change when she went on a masquerade date with Pavol. But are they still together today?

How Did ‘Match Me Abroad’ Stars Michelle and Pavol Meet?

Michelle turned to matchmaker Katarina ​Němcová when she set out to find love abroad while connecting with her European heritage. Before being set up on dates, the outspoken feminist insisted that her dream man must not follow antiquated gender roles.

During the July 30 episode, Katarina accompanied Michelle on her first date with Pavol in Prague to make sure the North Carolina native didn’t “waste her time.” While the matchmaker usually doesn’t make a habit of going on dates with her clients, she explained she wanted to be there to “facilitate some fun games for the two of them to enable them to get to know one another quickly.”

The unconventional date saw the pair out to masquerade-themed dinner while wearing masks and asking personal questions about sex. Throughout the evening, the duo were asked to reveal “the weirdest place” they have ever had sex, if they have “any boundaries in sex” and if there is anything they have never told anyone that they want their next partner to know about.

“I love anyone who can talk about sex,” Michelle said while sharing her first impression of Pavol. “So immediately, Pavol becomes more sexually attractive. That playfulness is very sexy to me.”

Meanwhile, Pavol seemed equally as smitten. He told the cameras that he liked that Michelle was “very open-minded,” noting that she admitted to being unable to find someone to keep up with her sex drive. He also said he found it attractive that she is “totally American.”

Are ‘Match Me Abroad’ Stars Michelle and Pavol Still Together?

Michelle and Pavol seemingly ended season 1, which concluded on August 6, on good terms. He even drove her to the airport when she was ready to return to North Carolina.

Sparks Flew Between ‘Match Me Abroad’ Stars Michelle and Pavol: Are They Still Together?

Michelle hinted that she might return to Europe in a post shared via Instagram on August 5. “Is this my final farewell to Prague?!” the TLC personality captioned a photo from her trip. “Or as they say in Czech: ‘je tohle sbohem?”’

Less than a week later, Michelle revealed that she and Pavol had seen each other following their time on the TLC series. 

“And, being normal people, we got to do a big ‘ol lunch, sample some beers, make some jokes, take a walk, and REALLY get to talking … you know, more regular human being/date things than dinner in a sex dungeon,” she captioned a carousel of photos from their trip together on August 9. “We remain pretty private people in our real lives, but have enjoyed taking you along for the ride of how we met!”

Michelle also teased Paris, France, being in their future as she added that Pavol was “100% down to fly to France” and meet her.

“A friendly reminder, however, that relationships of ALL kinds take more than a charming meet-cute,” she concluded. “There has to be communication, common values, and the commitment to grow parallel, authentic, and inclusive lives. But we both agree … The future is wide open!”

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