MTV’s Love at First Lie has been full of lies, deceit and fake couples. Although the cast aims to eliminate a fake couple in each episode, they made a big mistake by sending home Monica Bulnes and Josh Riquelme, who are very much a real couple. But are they still together now? The pair gave an update on their relationship during an exclusive video interview with In Touch. Keep reading to learn what Monica and Josh are up to today!

Why Did Monica and Josh Get Sent Home?

The entire cast voted the couple off because they were convinced Monica and Josh were faking their love for the cameras. Before the truth ceremony, couple Karla and Brian pulled Monica and Josh to the side to form an alliance and save each other from elimination. Cecy and Reasey entered the conversation and joined the triple alliance. However, the two couples turned their backs on Monica and Josh and voted them as a fake couple. 

“When we all were in that like circle of trust kind of thing, I had this gut feeling like, ‘No, I don’t wanna do this.’ Like, this is not right. I don’t trust these people,” Monica exclusively tells In Touch, while revealing that Josh trusted the other couples at the time. 

“At the end of the day, it was dirty. It was a huge backstab to us and that just goes against our morals. [Lying is] not something that we would do,” Josh adds. “And for someone to do it in the show, – if you don’t [lie] outside of the show, then why do it in here?”

Are Josh and Monica Still Together?

Monica and Josh were dating for almost two years while they were on the show and reached new milestones in their relationship after they were sent home. During that time, they were living on the east coast together. However, they lived an hour and a half away from each other as Monica lived in New Jersey and Josh in New York. Now, the two are still together and live in Southern California. They are set to celebrate their three-year anniversary later this month.

Are 'Love at First Lie' Stars Monica Bulnes and Josh Riquelme Still Together? Couple Shares Update
Courtesy of Monica Bulnes/ Instagram

“[Being in a long distance relationship was] actually such a positive for us because we know how to be alone. We know how to work on ourselves, fill up our own cups so that we can come fill each other’s cup,” Monica explains. “I’m never relying on him to make me happy if I’m like feeling down and stuff and vice versa.”

Do Monica and Josh Want to Get Married?

While the two are enjoying living together in a new city, they are in “no rush” for wedding or engagement plans. Monica is focusing on her career as a writer and content creator, while Josh is diving deeper into his social media content creation and developing his online coaching app, FWRD. The pair “balance off each other” and push one another to strive in their professional careers.

That being said, the duo is thinking of adding a furry family member to their lives. “Honestly, we want [a puppy]. It’s just a lot of responsibility and I feel like there’s a lot of things that we wanna accomplish before tying ourselves down,” Josh admits. “We see a lot of traveling in the future. So, I think when the time is right, we’re definitely gonna get a puppy.”

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